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Resell Rights Vs Private Label Rights

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Continiuing on from last weeks post “Q & A on Resell Rights

PLR materiel can be a very useful tool for the busy IM and can be used in a variety of ways to augment his or hers blogging and marketing. But what is the difference between Resell Rights and Private Label Rights

Many people are confused about the difference between resell rights and private label rights. Several mistakenly think that they are the same thing, and this is not so. It is easy, however, to understand how the two terms can be confusing.

If you have resell rights, you have the right to resell the product, in conjunction with the terms and conditions set forth in your license, as is. This means that you cannot alter or edit the product in any way, and you cannot put your name on it as the author.

If you have private label rights, however, you can edit and alter the product as you see fit, and you can even put your own name, or your company’s name, on the product as the author. You can change words, chapters, graphics, add to the product, break the product down into several different products - whatever you choose to do.

Because you have more freedom with private label rights, these types of products generally cost more to purchase the rights for.  Some products even have two options when you purchase them: resell rights or private label rights. In fact, you can use your private label rights products and sell the resell rights to others, after you have changed the product and put your name on it.

There is also a difference between resell rights and master resell rights. Resell rights simply give you the right to resell the product, while master resell rights allow you to resell the product and the resell rights!

Again, it is easy to see how one could be confused with these various terms. However, if given the choice, always go for the private label rights. This will allow you to have a product of your very own, without actually having to create one yourself. Most private label rights licenses give you much more leniency.

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How to use PLR content

How to make better use of PLR

First up; for anybody who is not familiar with PLR (Private Label Rights) products, then here’s what you can do with them; on PLRs you have exclusive ownership of that product. You can then use it anyway you wish: change the packaging, the title, the contents; you can do just about anything you want with the product.

Finding PLR Products

One thing’s for certain you don’t have to look that hard to find PLR bundles, there are PLR membership sites everywhere. What you will find is that the quality of some PLRs is to say the least less than perfect; you get what you pay for, so shop around. If you do have poor quality PLRs on your hard drive then you will be doing a lot of editing. There is no point in just slapping this PLR on to your blog, you will have to work the articles and put your own stamp on it. The key to successful posts is rewriting the PLR and shaping it to your own style.

I use PLRs on many of my Blogs and websites;
I can’t proclaim to be an expert on every subject and have used many PLRs myself, but I still research the post properly before I publish the finished article. You might be quite surprised to know that a lot of popular blogs and big corporate sites use PLRs quite frequently.  What you will find from some PLR membership sites is that outsourcing is done by non English speaking writers. This is not good as the content is often poor quality and unreadable. I have come across such PLRs frequently and they take up a lot of time re-editing.

What you can do with PLR products;

There are a multitude of uses for PLRs, here are the main ones.
Offer PLR information products as free bonuses, or to opt-in to your email list. Or you can create your own original information products; how about making promotional content for your affiliates as an inducement to promote your main sale. PLR can also be used to create your own real estate for profitable Adsense sites. Of course PLRs are invaluable for updating your own money making blogs. You can rapidly create eZine content and an autorespondor series. Last but not least use PLR content to create viral eBooks; if you have Open Office then you can convert it into PDFs very easily. And with a good graphics editor like Dreamweaver or the free Gimp application produce great eBook covers.

The great thing about PLRs is that they actually encourage you to learn and improve your writing skills, forcing you to get your own personality across to your readers. It’s a great way to fire you up and start forming your own ideas for future articles. To make your articles sing out to the search engines you will need to start placing keywords throughout your post, this can be a progressive action which in time you will get better at.

One note of caution; Do not use other peoples content and then use it for ad filled blogs, this is Wikipedia’s definition of Splogs;  “Spam blogs, sometimes referred to by the neologism splogs are artificially created weblog sites which the author uses to promote affiliated websites or to increase the search engine rankings of associated sites” Beware because Google actively goes after these types of blogs or websites and bans them without a second thought.

PLRs are hugely popular and will continue to be so with millions of bloggers around the world monetizing their use.  “Happy blogging”

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Tips and Ideas to Make Blogging Easy

There are bloggers that find it difficult to blog regularly, on the other hand other bloggers seem to find it easy to write everyday. I think I am somewhere in between myself, I have good days and bad days. Keeping ahead of the game and allways looking for different angles and aproaches to any given subject is a must in my opinion.

As you are probably aware, for your blogging to be effective you will need to add fresh content to your blog on a regular basis. So with that in mind here are five tips that you can use to make blogging a lot easier.

1. Write your blog content in advance and save it so that it’s ready to be posted everyday. When you have time to write try to write enough blog content that will be enough for several days or for the whole week. You can write and save your blog posts on your blog, and all you have to do is to publish the posts everyday. This means that on those days when you do not have the time to write, you can still post fresh content on your blog using the blog posts you would have saved.

2. Blog about a wide range of things that relate to your niche. Think about any information relating to your niche which your website visitors will be interested in seeing on your blog. Identify the sub-niches in your niche and write about those as well. You should never run out of ideas on what to blog about.

3. Invite your blog visitors to leave some comments relating to your posts and your niche. This is an easy way of getting unique content on your website. The more interaction you allow on your blog, the more content you will have on your blog.

4. Research and look for the key questions and issues that people in your niche are interested in, and provide information that addresses those questions on your blog. Look in the relevant forums for the hot topics that people are asking, and provide answers to these questions on your blog. This will make your blog useful to your visitors because it will have information which your visitors are looking for. This gives you a wide range of topics that you can blog about.

5. Use PLR content, customize it and make it unique and break it into blog posts. It is essential that you make the PLR content very unique otherwise you will be penalized for duplicate content. Using PLR content as a starting point for your blog posts means that you will be able to create blog content easily and quickly.

Make use of these five tips shown above to make blogging a bit more enjoyable. The more you blog, the more traffic you drive to your website.
Remember that you have a raft of useful blogging tools right on you PC in your browser or your right click context menu. Try out ScribeFire, a lot of blogers sware by it!

ScribeFire, an extension of Firefox, enables users to easily drag and drop formatted text from the Web into their blog(s), post entries, take notes, and optimize their ad inventory, directly through the Firefox browser.

Well once youve done all that you can put your feet up and chill out with a glass of your favourite,ooh thats’ nice.  Whats next: Taking your blog to the next level

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More Gifts than you can handle with GiveAway Events

A Truly useful way to build your list

Do you want to cut yourself a slice of the traffic that is generated by other marketers in order to build your list in a short period of time? Then you can, even if you are just starting out in your Internet marketing efforts, it is still possible for you to send traffic to the site of your choice. How do you do this? There are a lot of different marketing methods that you can use in order to drive traffic to a website fairly quickly.

These methods can include video marketing, article submission and viral marketing. Make use of other services like Squido or a blog to get ranked quickly for some keyword phrases to drive traffic to your website. The harder you work the more benefit you will see from the traffic that the JV giveaway event receives.

It stands to reason that everybody wants a freebie, something for nothing or at least for your first name and your email address which isn’t a lot considering the free ebooks or software that you can get. So if you are starting off for the first time in the online marketing circuit then JVs (Joint Ventures) are a great place to start.

GiveAway Events

What you will find here is a willingness of all those guru marketers to entice you by offering up to date materials on all sorts of marketing goodies. So this is the ideal time to stock up on all those PLR packages or MRR and brandable eBooks and reports.

If you are a newbie or even if you are more knowledgeable you will learn a great deal from these GiveAway events because this is marketing up close and personal. If the JV is well organised and by that I mean does it have good affiliate tools and with offers you can’t refuse, does it have a lot of marketing contributors; if so then you can profit greatly.

Using GiveAway Events constructively

The biggest incentive to really using the power of the GiveAway Event is to participate and become a contributor yourself. By offering to give a visitor marketing goods in exchange for their email you can build a substantial mailing list. A gift can be an eBook, software or any other kind of digitally delivered product. You can always checkout what the other contributors are offering. It must be a downloadable product and you must have the rights to give it away for free.

Gifts to look out for

On your first visit to a GiveawAy Event it might be a bit overwhelming, sort of like an Aladdin’s cave, so you need to pick out offers that give real value. Also it’s a good idea to upgrade your membership because invariably you get more value by adding a bigger range of advertisements. Refer other contributors to the system to earn free points and if they upgrade or purchase special offers you also earn cash.

Finding digital products to give away is not that hard, if you sign up to a couple of good programs that offer PLR or master sales rights products then that’s a start. You can also purchase a lot of materials for only a few dollars just do a little bit of research.

So give it a try, what have you got to loose in fact you can only gain free gifts; and gain a useful insight of how today’s marketers operate. Related; Profit Work From Home

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