• Store all your contacts In one place so you’re just a click away from your WebProsperity opportunity list!
  • Add contacts’ addresses, emails, phone numbers, IM nicknames, even notes!
  • Import, export and update contact information to continually build your downline
  • Reach 100s of internet entrepreneurs anytime, anywhere, by phone or web conference!
  • Meet face-to-face with customers and prospects to build relationships and credibility.
  • Hold high-powered training sessions with interactive screen sharing and whiteboarding.
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Just Testing out the TDO Mini Forms Plugin, still has a few kinks to iron out. So the invitation is open to any Internet Marketers to post a message, Register Here. Keep it straight and keep it informative. Cheers

Know exactly what you want your prospect to do. Many businesses just want more business. You have to be more specific than that. Write down exactly what you wish for your prospect to do after he is finished reading your copy. Do you want him to sign up for a free newsletter? Then make all of your copy lead him towards making that decision. Do you want her to buy your company’s new unconventional dog leash that can give her more control of her Siberian Husky? You’ll have to know that this is the specific task that you want her to perform, and write a headline that leads into copy that shows her what to do next.
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Forum Marketing is for a lot of marketers a very happy hunting ground for prospects, but more importantly to tap into the rich feedback from newbie’s. So with this in mind I will start off with an introduction into Forum marketing and expand and explore this medium in the coming weeks.

If you are serious about promoting your website or blog on the Internet, then you could do no worse than forums, a great option for you. These forums are easy to join and require no upfront cash deposit to be a member. Forums are a storehouse of information and accessible to anyone, these forums are an ideal way to go about advertising your wares, whether it’s your site or an affiliate product.

Depending on your choice of forum they can act as social networking centers, where topics are discussed and information exchanged. So if one can find a forum where discussions are relevant to your own product or field, then the chances of getting your website noticed and popularized are far greater. If you are new to promoting then this should be one of the first steps towards establishing your identity on the Internet.

The thing to remember though, as it is with all kinds of marketing…finesse and decorum is everything. In your rush to get noticed do not over do the charm offensive, just slowly get a feel and settle in. It’s probably wiser to act calm and not seem like you are desperate to market your product. Over eagerness like this is often more likely to offend customer sensibility, leading to possible bans against your website with allegations of spamming.

It is better to leave frequent yet understated messages informing about what’s on offer. Or rather go to forums, which have questions put up regarding matters close to your product and then respond to them. So go and read the threads posted on the forum, figure out how best you can respond to the queries.

Over time this is will help you build a customer base, as people on the forum trust you to be helpful and genuine. Once you have achieved this, all you have to do is subtly lead your prospect to your product.

Overall forum marketing is an easy and profitable option to add to your promotion because it is absolutely free, and you can target a certain niche clientele very easily. Things to avoid… try and avoid promoting your website on irrelevant threads as it might hamper your reputation. Do your promotion in a friendly manner and always follow up enquiries about whether the directed person found your website or blog helpful or not.

Forums are a great way to get feedback, which will help you to improve your product or service, build client rapport, and get new customers. You can tune into their attentiveness, their likes and dislikes. And finally the most important thing to keep in mind, that though beneficial for marketing, these forums are for discussion not sales. So keep this in mind and you will succeed in gathering new friends and more importantly, respect.

Next week: “Why is Forum Marketing so effective?”

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