Contest Burner Generates thousands of backlinks: Run and Manage your own Contest

Contest Burner is a new premium WordPress plugin currently in beta that really packs a punch. I first heard about this plugin from fellow amplifier Tom Guard and was intrigued enough to check it out. The plugin allows you to run and mange your very own contest.  With social network integration included it can have a dramatic effect in increasing backlinks to your blog with loads of other benefits…

Rewards for taking action

The whole ethos of competition is to get user participation and one of the best ways to do this is to reward those who comment

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Paid to Click sites are a waste of time money and effort: NeoBux Update

It’s been a while since I last wrote about NeoBux and PTC (paid to click) sites; I have been with NeoBux since last October so here is my verdict. Trying out NeoBux has been a useful exercise in finding out if it really can offer a sustainable income. I looked at the positives and negatives of PTC and whether it was a viable model. Unfortunately the negatives far outweighed the positives if indeed there were any positives.


I am always on the lookout for more ways to earn extra cash online but for me NeoBux and the

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Another PTC site bites the dust

Yes, it happened again yet another PTC (paid to click) site has collapsed. For those in the know it probably won’t come as any great surprise as this is endemic for this type of money earning scheme. So is this just convenience on the part of the PTC site or another prime target for the so called “PayPal mafia”? Either way someone somewhere is cashing in big time.

The victim or instigator in this latest PTC collapse is none other than Upbux and as you can see from this statement they are powerless to act, OR are they

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NeoBux Forum Chat: Strategies to Ponder

Thought I would share my thoughts on one particular thread on the NeoBux forum about strategies. The member who started this conversation has been quite dogged in his/her approach. They extol the virtues of analysing individual referrals by way of how many days since last click and AVGs achieved to determine whether to recycle, or whether to leave the referral to return and start clicking again.

While I admire this user’s astuteness to detail I don’t agree with it entirely. Yes it is right that you look at the last time the referral clicked an ad

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Whoops! Slow down: NeoBux latest

I Had to cut down on my recycling because it was eating into my profits, I had been recycling at 5% but with a low AVG of between 0.8 / 1.00 per day, I was foolish to keep this recycle rate going, so I have now cut back to 2%. What I did learn from the chap above was to check my AVG on server reset time and then set my recycle rate accordingly. This has now stabilised my costs, my next actions will be extending all my referrals to 90 days with auto renew turned off, this

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Drive Traffic to your blog with BlogRush

New Dashboard on Show

Today i logged into my BlogRush account to check out what’s on offer and to see which direction the staff are taking. Some very interesting facts and figures came out of that visit.

Now to be honest I haven’t been with BlogRush for that long and I was a bit sceptical about the performance, that being said I was impressed with the members area, when you log in to your account you are presented with a new dashboard with a clean layout and look to it; and a wealth of very useful and revealing tools

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Fine Tune Your Ad Placement

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Make the most out of your SPACE

If you look around and observe the many websites and blogs on the net nowadays there aren’t that many that don’t use advertisements of some kind. Using this resource in the right way can mean the difference between a healthy return and a mediocre one.

Positioning is vital; there are all kinds of advice on this subject and a good point of reference is to place your ad space sensibly and see it through your visitors’ eyes.

Optimisation Tips; Certain locations tend to be more successful

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