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10 Ways To Increase Web Traffic

Internet traffic is the life of any website or e-commerce business, and if you are an internet marketer, you already know that good traffic is not always easy to achieve. There are however, some simple and effective strategies for getting quality traffic to your site, and most of them are FREE or low cost.

1. Good old fashioned search engine optimization. This is perhaps, the most cost effective way to get many customers to your site, because it does not cost a thing. A web site with top ranking on even a mildly popular term, can get

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Do you need a Safelist?

I was recently asked what a “safelist” is.

The easiest way to explain a safelist is that people allow you to send them emails about related offers! In other words lists that they have signed up to in order to receive relevant information that they are looking for.  (Optin List)

Let me elaborate a little on this.

Many people get confused and think a safelist is about building your own mailing list but it’s not! It’s about accessing a mailing list that’s already been built for you. ($ Premium $ or free).

A mailing list that already has people signed up and

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