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Sales Letter Creator, it’s a Breeze

Week END Offer Featured Product For marketers who hate to write, spending hours putting together sales letters from scratch is torture! The problem is that writing a sales letter is hard. It takes time and the copy need to be great to get people to take action. Nothing stops sales dead in its tracks faster than poorly written sales letters. Your sales letter is your digital salesman and if it does a terrible job, you can say goodbye to any chances of you making even $1 online. Whether you want your website visitor to opt in to your newsletter or make a purchase, it all depends on how well your sales letter 'sells'. If you're like me then you probably dread the idea of starting out to create a new sales letter from… Continue reading

12 Point Check List For Compelling Copy!

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Daniel Levis

Welcome to 'Selling to Human Nature'. Proven Sales, Marketing, and Advertising tips and resources that tap into the incredible power of human nature appeal.

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Today’s featured subject, 'Your 12 Point Check List For Compelling Copy!'

You're ready to launch that new product or promotion and you're really counting on a piece of advertising to come through for you. You're looking for stellar results! And, you're determined