The Modern Con Man: How to Get Something for Nothing

Cons, bar bets, card games, and general chicanery for the natural-born prankster.

Whether it’s winning $50 on a bar bet, scoring seats closer to the fifty-yard line, or finagling a free meal, The Modern Con Man ensures that aspiring low-risk grifters will always come out on top. Filled with humorous facts and tables, a glossary of con terms, illustrations, the history of the con, and easy-to-follow swindles, this is the perfect gift for the hidden flim-flam artist in your life.

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Scam Alert !!!!!

I just wanted to alert anybody who has had this latest scam email dropped in to their inbox, just in case you havent read up on it. The following post is from …

Yippee everyone, its finally here! Ripoffgu….sorry, “freeadguru” Stephan Ducharme - you know him, he’s the man with just about the worst reputation on the internet - has his new amazing site up and running - - Software - Free traffic - Free MLM Leads right from the get-go its as he promises free leads which turn out

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