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Lifetime Residual Commissions: Best Business Models

Short article on Lifetime commissions

So what’s the best business model for earning as an affiliate, you guessed it, lifetime commissions or residual commissions. In essence you get commissions on any sales for the lifetime of your referral’s participation. Okay first of all the term lifetime commissions is a loaded phrase that get’s used all over the web, after all, it is a headline grabber. To avoid the “I’ve seen it all before” or “Yeh, it’s just another Spin by the marketing Gurus” you need to first of all understand just how this type of business model works. Although there are

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Start your Home Accounting Business

Image by Akihabara News via Flickr

Home Based series

Starting off today with your own accounting business, and over the next month or so I will post articles on many different home based options from the practical to the unusual. These will include real opportunities from hobbies to day care, the list is endless. Tell me your story, post to web-work at home.

Home Accounting Business

For those who have an accounting background, you may be able to use these skills to help you to create a business from your home. Accounting is the method of managing the accounts receivable and accounts payable

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