This is Low Stress Income

Here’s a relatively new affiliate program that you may consider for your promotions and monetization. Actually it’s more than just an affiliate program and it has many ways to promote its products. It also has website building tools along with e-commerce solutions with free advertising options. It is aptly named Low Stress Income mainly because everything you need is in the same place with an easy to use control panel that connects you to the web. It has plenty of advice and tips on how to promote and how to make the best of your time. Businesses as well as

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Custom Branded Social Network Website

Quick overview of SocialSam

Want run your own Social Network Membership website? Well you can with SocialSam. Anybody who wants to expand into Social Networking especially businesses, can have an impressive array of membership benefits. You can set up your own custom branded private social network and combine e-commerce, social networking and a membership website.

This site has captured the need for this type of attention marketing or social media that is so popular. What this site also offers is a deeper insight into how Social media works; Social media after all is all about sharing and networking ideas. If you get

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What URL Shortener do you use?

Anybody who is into social networking especially Twitter, will use URL shortening services every day, and there are plenty to choose from. The reason we all need these services is quite simple, they are there to shorten long or just plain ugly URLs. Lets’ take a look at some of these services and see if we can’t cash in for our efforts.

URL Shortener Choices

There is plenty of URL shortening services to choose from and the majority of them are free. If you are using any of these services then this is an ideal chance to gather click-through data and

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Small Business owners Virtual Summit (Free Promo Code)

No travel required.   No hotel room needed. Meet and network with fellow small business owners and industry experts — virtually and conveniently from your home or office.

If you are a small business owner and want to tap into expert advice about your industry then check out the Small Business Owners Virtual Summit. The added bonus of virtual summit is open discussion about small business issues where you can put your point forward. The panel consists of business owners like you, with webcasts from Google, EBay, and FaceBook. To give you a head start and at no extra cost you can use

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Amplify your Network Status with Twitter & FaceBook

This is an excellent micro blogging platform that harnesses the power of WP MU, and at the same time links up with your Twitter, FaceBook and Delicious accounts. You could go the whole hog and just publish posts and articles that you have expanded on through Amplify, there’s no limit to how long your posts are, and you can make them short or long. If I were just starting out into blogging and social networking then this amazing service would be

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How SEO Myths can mess you up (Free Report)

Disinformation breeds Contempt and confusion, “is that all!”

How SEO Myths can mess you up (Free Report)

To round off the week here’s a free report for you to download that will set you on the right path about Search Engine Optimization. There are so many seo myths on the web today that it can be an absolute nightmare, especially for the newbie. To set the record straight, check out this excellent free report all about backlink myths.

Always remember that SEO is a constantly changing beast and it’s always good practice to subscribe to an authority site. Since Google is the biggest

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Social Attraction Beats The Blues

Social attraction marketing
I want to take a closer look at the Social Attraction or Interaction marketing which is one of the best free ways to promote your business online.
Each social networking site has their own rules and regulations as to what type of promotions are allowed and you would be wise to get to know these before attempting to promote your products or services using these forums. Some social network sites allow more promotion than others. You can also mix it up by including your tweets, RSS Feeds or bookmarks to link up with your profile on many networks.

My own

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