ReviewAZON Incentive: My Stats thus far


1st things 1st, I have written before about ReviewAZON so checkout all the benefits if you need a refresher. Remember there is a 15% discount that runs right up to the 31st of December.

Since I started promoting the ReviewAZON WordPress plugin about a couple of months ago the take up has been to say the least poor. My tracking has revealed 3104 unique clicks thus far and only one sale has materialised, and this is with the recent Christmas discount in place. So I guess that the Christmas period is foremost in people’s minds and it’s not a good

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Get your own Free to Join Membership Site

Following on from last week’s articles on affiliate management and tracking this post expands into membership sites and in particular “Free Membership Sites”. The article covers some of the advantages of free membership sites and the different earning strategies used to leverage a profitable business. There will be links at the end of the post to membership site software applications for you to check out.

Why Free Memberships

More and more marketers are setting up membership sites that are free to join; this trend seems to be linked to visitors’ preferences of wanting more than just free eBooks or software tools. You

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