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Sqip Free PEPs comes to an End

Here’s the latest news that Sqip sent out to all its members, as expected their free PEPs are coming to an end. As Sqip closes down one revenue stream they open up other interesting investment opportunities.  Continue reading ….

Sqip is Live at last

Sqip finally gets the green light

The developers have given us the green light to go live on Tuesday. 28th April.

Our team of volunteer members have done a great job in testing and reporting bugs and issues with the sites and these are being fixed step by step.

No system is ever totally bug free but the developers have been working to make the portal as smooth and as bug free as they can within the timeframes they had to work with.

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Sqip Latest 11th April 09

Our developers are in the process of merging the affiliate back office area with the portal login system. We were aiming for this to be completed today but it is not quite ready yet.

Apart from minor bugs the sites are functioning well and what bugs have been discovered by our testers are being fixed.


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Here’s the latest news on SQUIPCOM

News in brief…We are on target to go live in a few days from now.
Other news…We are introducing additional payment options in your back office area. You will see that Pay Pal is already there and a few more will be added in the coming days.
Locking in the current PEP price with a monthly payment plan is also available again.
This is currently only available via Pay Pal but we will be adding other options soon.
Weekly payouts: Starting in a few days you can request a withdrawal to your Towah account. Pay Pal and other options will be included soon.
This is the first step in providing you with your Sqip

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Sqip Live Launch is Imminent

Squip is just around the corner; at long last Squip will go live. The developers are almost completed with the new stable global registration and login feature. As described last week the original system had to be ripped out as it was too unstable in bridging the various sites included in the single login protocol.

Live launch date 19th

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Sqip News Update

News in brief…
We are getting an average of 500,000 hits per day and this will increase after next week. If you have problems getting to the start page or accessing your back office; dont panic. Our servers are groaning under the demand. More dedicated servers are coming online early this week which should speed things up for every one.

Other news…
We will take Pay Pal offline today and the monthly payment plan will also be stopped. If you already have a subscription via Pay Pal you do not need to do anything. Simply leave it on automatic

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