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Direct TV and the Internet

So apparently the UK has the highest percentage of users going online compared to the rest of the world and overall the worldwide online users continues to grow. This is great news for anyone involved in marketing online, but it is also prudent to follow other media sources like Satellite and Direct TV service subscriptions. The two mediums actually go hand in hand and there are plenty of opportunities to profit from both.

Online Statistics

The average user visits 70 domains and will view roughly 1576 web pages each month. This is according to statistics recently released by Nielsen Online , for the month

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Woopra Analytics Rocks

If you really want to get a fly on the wall view of your blog’s activity then get yourself a topnotch desktop application. Yes I know I have said in the past that I use Google analytics BUT… since I got accepted for this beta software application from Woopra I don’t want to use anything else. It’s just so fan dabby dozy and I am an instant fan of its slick sexy

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Is your call to action falling on deaf ears?

What’s your call to action? Are you scaring off potential customers?

I have to tell you I have come across many high pressured sales pitches in my time and yes I have fallen for a few and wasted my hard earned. I haven’t wasted my time buying all of these products; it’s just that I don’t have the time to put it all into place. One of the best services that I have come across is Resell Rights Wholesaler and the reason is that I can get the same products that very recently were selling for $30.00 to $60.00 a pop for a low monthly charge. I would say that nearly every product available is a separate project that can add to your online

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Bring in adequate income to abandon your day job

What a terrifying statistic LESS THAN 1% it’s kinda hard to believe don’t you think? But with statistics like that it’s no wonder that a lot of bloggers who originally started a blog to generate an income give up. The sad truth is that not everyone is cut out for this type of income generation. You could draw the same parallels with the real world of business, because if you’re going to start a business whatever it is, you acknowledge you have competition, and this isn’t any more dissimilar in the online world of

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iGoogle Works At Home

Have you ever used iGoogle for any of your online tasks? Well for those of you that haven’t you’re in for a pleasant surprise. There is a multitude of social and multi task applications on the web, in fact it can be a bit overwhelming at times. If you’re working from home then you need all the help that you can get, so it comes as no surprise to find big players like Google, Yahoo and MSN tapping in to this ever expanding market. For this example I will talk about iGoogle and explain how I make use of its multiple

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Crucial Affiliate Guidance You Can Count On

If you are deciding which affiliate program to join then one of the most important factors to take into consideration is “does it have support”. Once you have signed up you will be inundated with various affiliate tools to choose from, if the program has a good support system setup then this should guide you through how best to utilize these tools. With a good support system in place you can get an idea of best practices, knowledge and insights. You can also utilize this support for your own downline to help these affiliates with their

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