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Update on StumbleUpon Traffic Generator

StumbleUpon Toolbar


In regards to the post that I wrote on the 3rd of October titled “Stumble My Blog

Well heads up! StumbleUpon didn’t take to kindly to my article and suspended me pending a review. So I guess i have to eat a little bit of humble pie and bow to common sense but also to apologise to any of my readers for any confusion. I know at the end of the day it’s up to the individual to make his or her own mind up. But I would advise anybody who has purchased this script not to put it on their blog, and get a full refund a.s.a.p.
So with this in mind i have taken the script off my server and pulled the sales pages on my other websites.
***Update***  I will also be contacting StumbleUpon and the company who sell this appllication to persue further explanation of why this software was allowed to come on to the market.

Bill Masson (Max)

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