How to Build your Link Structure

A refresher on SEO link structure, there are those who say that SEO is a dying art but I would rather follow my own instincts instead of following the crowd.

Your link structure is in all likelihood the most visible, but for sure one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. This will help to make certain that search engine bots can actually find (crawl) all of your site’s pages. But if they can’t find them, then they won’t get spidered, and this means that they won’t get indexed. In point of fact, no amount of search engine optimization you try will

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How Can Tags help your online business?

When we look at all the trends that have come and gone on the Internet over the years we find that there is a common theme, this evolving theme is geared towards greater symmetry and cohesion. The Internet has to evolve to bring together its limitless expansion to the masses. 
In order to give greater control to the Internet user and especially to website and blog owners the next milestone looks like being the tagging system. How can Tags help your online business?

Articles became the hot potato in 2004 and continue to be a valuable traffic source, Blogging

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