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Network with Web Work At Home on Technorati

For those that are not aware what Technorati stands for then here’s a quick crash course; Technorati is first of all for bloggers, but that doesn’t mean you have to own a blog to reap the benefits that Technorati offers. It’s a blog search engine and content aggregator which also includes social networking and ranking elements. Most bloggers usually sign up to show off their Technorati badge on their blog which can be in a widget form or authority count badge. I guess what every blogger wants’ to achieve is a top 100 listing for Technorati blogs which in turn brings many benefits, the main one being

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How Can Tags help your online business?

When we look at all the trends that have come and gone on the Internet over the years we find that there is a common theme, this evolving theme is geared towards greater symmetry and cohesion. The Internet has to evolve to bring together its limitless expansion to the masses. 
In order to give greater control to the Internet user and especially to website and blog owners the next milestone looks like being the tagging system. How can Tags help your online business?

Articles became the hot potato in 2004 and continue to be a valuable traffic source, Blogging

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A new look for MaxBlogBits (searching for blogger Templates)

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Well after a weekend of Grand Prix (well done to Lewis Hamilton) & soggy weather I thought I would do a bit of surfing for a new template, the reason being that blogger templates are a bit boring and frankly for a platform the size of blogger I am a little surprised of the meager offerings. So if you’re tired of the 16 default templates on offer then read on for some excellent offerings.

So anyway I discovered a couple of good blogs and other sites that offer a lot better choices, unfortunately all the good templates were

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