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This is the second week now in my DIY Newsletter Creation and I have been busy designing my newsletter cover for the blog. The design isn’t quite ready yet so in the meantime let’s carry on and discuss Newsletter Formats. Oh by the way I have decided to go with WWAH Newsletter for The title; I figure the Title is self explanatory, nothing really fancy but it gets the message across. The acronym hopefully will trigger the mind to remember my blog, I can do a survey with my readers and see if they have any ideas or give them a shortlist to choose from, it’s not set in stone YET.

So now on to the next task;

Choosing a format

Plain text, HTML, or PDF; Well first of all I need to know which format is the best for my subscribers if I go for Plain Text then I shouldn’t have much problem with delivery on the other hand full HTML gives a much better visual impact, but the PDF format does have its good points too. Let’s take a look at the first option. I have been looking through the newsletters that I receive in my inbox, some are plain text and others are HTML, personally I prefer the full HTML for visual effect and layout.

So if I was to opt for plain text the advantages are…

Plain Text emails.

Safe and clean delivery, there is less chance of getting captured in the spam folder and you can always give your reader the link to read the full HTML version online. This format is fairly quick and easy to load up on your Autoresponder, no messing about with html. Another point is the fact that nearly all Internet marketers use this format usually because they just don’t have time to mess about with html. This is the format that I am used to getting from other IMs and I have to admit it does the job, being a receiver of many text IMs newsletters I definitely prefer this as opposed to html. Suffice to say that my target audience prefer plain text.

HTML emails

The most obvious advantages for this format is the visual or aesthetic appeal, you can really show off your creative streak, so if you need to include pictures or graphics then this is a good option. The thing to remember with html is the compatibility issues, your newsletter may face problems getting viewed on different user screens or email clients. If you do opt for html then make sure you use the tried and tested formats unless of course you are skilled in html.

PDF emails

Not a format that I would opt for, but for some people this is an ideal format for instance you may be a graphic designer or perhaps you want to release a company newsletter and you want to include profiles. Another good use of PDF newsletters would be for food recipes’ or cookbooks. There is undoubtedly a lot more work involved with reformatting and converting from your PDF software, but it may well be the choice for you. If you need to convert your copy into PDF then you can use Open Office or why not join the Warrior Forum where you can download a free PDF converter.

For me my choice has to be plain text because of my target audience, but I will upload the html version for those that wish to view the newsletter online. It’s always nice to give your subscriber a choice and shows that you care.

Some useful email Guides and Resources

http://www.freenewsletterideas.com/articles/newsletter-producing-software-text.htm (plain text)

Proven Newsletter Templates (for html emails)

PDF newsletter producing software

Jobs to do

Over the next week I will be putting the newsletter together and choosing between ebizresponse and Free AutoBot Autoresponder. I will also finish off my newsletter cover and dig out a Free Bonus incentive for the optin form. I have a couple of options that I can use for my blog, one of which is a plugin that I picked up from the Warrior Forum and looks quite promising, the other is my own ebizresponse form. I will write about this hopefully in the next instalment. Stay Tuned….

Leave a comment and let me know how you have setup your newsletter. Cheers

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Newsletter Creation

Here’s a great site for you to checkout, it’s all about creating your newsletter, and is packed with tons of resources with practical advice and newsletter templates. Newsletters are not my strong point, hence no newsletter signup on my blog. I am forever buzzing around doing other jobs and never seem to get round to producing my own newsletter. The problem that I find is that I have all my information on the blog, so why bother? If you want to sign up to my RSS feed by email subscription then isn’t that enough! Well the top Internet marketers will no doubt profoundly disagree; and they would be right, I guess I’m just too lazy.

What do you do if you are skint? (Broke) take Aweber for example, there starter price is $19.00 per month. Now that maybe doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you have a lot of other overheads then it can be a bit much to bear. I suppose it all comes down to priorities and your plan of action, so with this in mind I will do a little experiment and sign up to Amir Lashkari’s Newsletter tips to see if I can produce a successful newsletter; I will do a weekly post series to keep you updated with my progress.

As for cost, I will use ebizresonse.com which is free with a subscription package that I signed up to some time ago. The only problem is that the system only allows you to send out ten emails per group unless you upgrade, so maybe I should look at doing a monthly newsletter which would give me ten months, after this I could create a new autorespondor or manually sign in and do a Newsletter broadcast, the system allows you to send out as many broadcasts as you require.

Start Brainstorming

I need to come up with some ideas to integrate my blog posts into the newsletter without repeating myself, wait a minute! I better come up with a name first. How about Market Sparks or WWAH Market Sparks nah! I will have to do some brain storming; In the meantime here are some tips from Free Newsletter Ideas about name ideas. Tune in next week to see what name I come up with and the next stage in my immersion into Newsletter creation.

Since I am pretty new at this Newsletter Creation thing perhaps you could give me some tips to fire me up.

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Just Testing out the TDO Mini Forms Plugin, still has a few kinks to iron out. So the invitation is open to any Internet Marketers to post a message, Register Here. Keep it straight and keep it informative. Cheers

Know exactly what you want your prospect to do. Many businesses just want more business. You have to be more specific than that. Write down exactly what you wish for your prospect to do after he is finished reading your copy. Do you want him to sign up for a free newsletter? Then make all of your copy lead him towards making that decision. Do you want her to buy your company’s new unconventional dog leash that can give her more control of her Siberian Husky? You’ll have to know that this is the specific task that you want her to perform, and write a headline that leads into copy that shows her what to do next.
Unique Adsense Template Generator

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Site Maintenance

Sorry for the inconveniance, going through many changes,  sorting out my template at the moment.  So bear with me as i hunt down that elusive template.    Have a Beer on me! Cheers

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