The Internet is simply packed with free websites. With a PC and an Internet connection you can access millions of websites for free and yet people very gladly PAY for access to membership only sites. The conservative estimate is that people spent 1.4 BILLION dollars on membership websites last year and that number just keeps going up and up and up.

There are basically two things that you need to consider when choosing the topic of a membership site; (1) Passion about the subject

(2) Level of demand for information about the subject.

Fire Your Passion

Unless you are really passionate about the topic that you choose to construct a membership website around, you are not going to be a happy chappy. Passion can be contagious and it is up to you to be a carrier of that passion about your topic and to infect others with your passion.

But just being passionate about a topic yourself is not enough. The second part of the successful membership website formula is that there must be a large enough demand for information about the topic. The best way to determine the level of demand is to visit the blogs and forums that are dedicated to the topic that you are considering. If you are passionate about the topic and there is a demand for information about the topic, you have the magic formula for building a successful membership website.

Many times eager entrepreneurs will see only the possibility of a nice recurring income and jump into a membership website without thinking it through completely. When you are choosing the topic for a membership website, the ideas are nearly endless but you must choose carefully.

People LOVE membership websites; there probably are as many reasons WHY people love membership websites as there are membership websites. I’m not really all that surprised at the popularity of membership websites. What does surprise me is that there not more membership websites out there on the Internet.

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Are membership Sites Worthy of Your Attention

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Current version (1.02) on this blog

I have used my spare W.P Blog to test the beta version of Flexibility, the header is the blue sky.jpg and I have opted for the retro style search box with the default red glass RSS Icon. I haven’t changed the theme extensively, but have gone through the admin panel and played around with the many editing options, below is my first impressions.

The first thing that I noticed about the theme was the absence of the Home page Feature box, this surprised me, I wasn’t expecting this to be taken away, and I think it should be put back for more options. Inside the control/admin panel the theme editing has been simplified by adding a quick colour changer. The two important changes are to the Theme colour changer which gives you the option to quickly change your themes main colour scheme, has a very simple interface to choose from the popup colour picker, you can then fine tune the colours to your liking further down the control panel. Another new editing piece is the Theme lightness selector that has a simple dropdown menu to choose medium, light or the default dark background, uses fills and gradients, again you can fine tune these options further down the control panel.

There is less need to upload images because the theme is now pre-loaded with various headers, search boxes and RSS Icons, but of course if you want to add any of your own custom images, then you can with ease. Nice touch with the navigation tabs from previous version, on mouse roll over they pop up and down, giving that user friendly feel. You have the option from 5 different styles to choose from.

Blog width controls are set to their widest which is 960px for the total width, yet another useful control, very straight forward, just remember that all the numbers must add up or else your blog will be uneven. The default settings …….600 for post content ….. Left side sub bar …..180 Right sub-sidebar ….140.

The rest of the controls throughout the admin  panel are many and numerous and are the same as the previous version but no less important.

Header Background image has changed for the better, version 2 comes preloaded with up to 17 background images; the blue sky jpg is stunning with the default dark background. A new option offered is the ability to upload your own custom header. You can also add your own blog logo and change the height of your header. The search engine box can also be changed from the header settings and gives you a choice of 11 styles to choose from. As per usual you can edit everything in the header from Font sizes to colour changes, truly Flexible.

Post Style Settings are huge; there is nothing that you cannot change like border, background, fonts, Headings, mouse hover colours and post titles. And all these editing options are available throughout the theme for the likes of Comments, Top sidebar left sub-sidebar settings and footer.

Google Adsense settings are extensive, you can add any size of ad and pretty much place that ad anywhere in your theme from leader board, top right sidebar, left sub-sidebar, top of each post and bottom of each post. You can also have the exact colours of your choice to match up with your theme.

Google analytics can be added by inputting your webmaster ID, this option is less then I would like, it only gives you the option to include Google analytics. The previous version allowed other tracking codes to be added, for instance Yahoo which I added to my present theme. There will be a work round no doubt; hopefully Ryan will include this option again when he releases the new version.

Overall this version is very promising for bloggers and aims to simplify the whole process of editing and importing images above and beyond the preloaded ones. It still retains all the editing options of the previous version but allows you to quickly change the main colour settings. My only reservations are the absence of the Home page Feature box and replacing the analytical code box to include only Google Adsense. It’s still early days yet, and Ryan still has other features to build into the theme but I will be among the first to deploy the theme when it becomes available.

Just a quick footnote; without developers like Ryan it would be a dull place, so if you do use his theme please consider making a donation as I have done to ensure future development. Find out more about Flexibility and the latest updates.

Thanks’ for reading, Please feel free to leave your thoughts

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Welcome to my NEW FLEXIBILITY theme, what do you think? Maybe still a little rough around the edges but getting there. I just have to tell you that the Flexibility theme is by far the best WordPress theme that I have ever come across thus far. This Guy has got some serious talent, and to top it all the theme is available absolutely free of charge, all he asks is to keep his footer links intact, small price as far as I’m concerned.

If you want to have a unique WordPress theme, then I highly recommend that you give Flexibility a try. I was quite amazed at the whole setup, you can change practically every aspect of your theme, including colours, fonts, backgrounds, headers, logos; the list is endless. You can have a Home Featured Box which i haven’t yet implemented to show off anything you want including widgets HTML images and so on. The best part of this theme is that you don’t need to know any code, so no more messing around in the theme editor. All your theme editing gets done on one page with an easy to use interface; you can even place your Google analytics code and Adsense code all from the same page.

Check it out for yourself you’ll be glad you did!

Quick update; I have decided to remove the footer links in favour of my own. This was done by Donating to Ryan over at Flexibility. Well worth it! Please pay his site a visit and you will see just how good the setup is.

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Stay Tuned

Welcome to It’s Holiday Time Folks, time to take a Break!

For everybody who has visited my BLOG a big HEARTY THANK YOU. As you will know if you have read my about page, this has been my introduction into the Blogosphere with a few hiccups along the way. It’s certainly been an interesting journey and I think i will stay on track and keep building on my experience. In 2009 I hope to have a brand new THEME to accommodate my ever expanding foray into Internet Marketing with a truckload of helpful tips and advice. Don’t forget! you still have time to enter into Dennis Edell’s Blog contest which is gathering a lot of interest, the contest is open right up to the 12th of January 2009. I will be back again in the New Year probably around the 2nd or 3rd of January once all the cobwebs and hangovers have cleared up and gone. Until then …..

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from Edinburgh

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