Marking up products you bought for peanuts

Make easy profits on eBay every week by marking up products you bought for peanuts from secret government surplus sales: buy laptops for £45 and sell for £150.

Everybody loves a bargain this we know, and what better way to tap into this trait with a combination of eBay and Government auctions.

I haven’t been into eBay for ages but I know that the top sellers in this fiercely competitive market place use tried and tested tactics. They include setting up your profile page professionally along with selective products that sell. It’s no secret that top eBay sellers buy in bulk from

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eBay in Tough Times

There’s never been a better time to sell, the gloomier the economy the more bargains there are for everybody. This is a great opportunity to make yourself some extra cash from eBay in tough times.

How and where are the best places to look for popular products to sell on eBay; finding the right products to sell on eBay is an important factor that will determine whether you make a lot of money on eBay or not. Deciding on the right products to sell is one of the main challenges many people face.

Whether you empty out you attic or clear out

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