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How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers

How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers Twitter for Marketers is a valuable and useful tool for promotion but this could be its undoing. Twitters original concept was for genuine communication between people young or old. It now seems that the biggest users that drive the bulk of the Twitter traffic make up only 5% of users, the rest of the traffic is generated by auto… Continue reading this article

Taking a Break from Web-WorkAtHome

ust a quick note before you read the rest of this article; I will be taking a break from Web-WorkAtHome for a couple of weeks. There are a number of reasons for this break, the main one being that I want to concentrate on building and consolidating my niche network. This has always been my main passion and I just love building new… Continue reading this article

Using Twitter to Increase Revenue

Does twitter increase your online revenue? For me it’s hard to be sure, although there must be a knock on effect through AdSense and other affiliate links. There are many services that utilize the Twitter machine to blast ads out over the network, but to be effective you will have to have either a highly targeted following or at least 5000 followers… Continue reading this article

Twitter improves your Following and Followers Pages but is plagued by Spam

This new upgrade to your twitter home page now let’s you scroll through your followers and people following you. It’s a much more convenient format to check who’s following you with an easy click and follow action; you can now block and unfollow with ease. Of course you can still use email alerts from twitter or Topify, but with this new twitter interface your workload is made much easier. It’s taken a while for Twitter to improve their main home page for users, relying mostly on other API developers… Continue reading this article

Free 25 issue Internet Marketing Newsletter

Today I am giving away a 25 issue Internet Marketing Newsletter package. This is great way to boost your newsletter subscriptions and build your list. Each issue tackles all the aspects of Internet Marketing from blogging to SEO, see full list below. So if you’re looking for fresh material then this pack will help you out. This 25 issue newsletter series is designed with beginners in mind, so even if your readers are just getting started in… Continue reading this article

How to Get to grips with Twitter Productivity

Today's discussion on my choice of Twitter tools for productivity You may have noticed lately that a lot of the articles have been guest posts, (I usually add my signature on my own articles) this has given me time to build and expand my social network. My main push on the social scene has been on twitter where I launched several other accounts. I wanted to diversify my twitter accounts into ecommerce, WordPress and technology along with increased interaction from my main twitter account. In order to manage… Continue reading this article