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Is Blogging a dying art? And is Micro Blogging taking over?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the micro blog phenomenon with supporters claiming that it will overtake mainstream blogging. There’s no doubt that the micro blogging platform and more importantly real time search is a hot potato at the moment. With new alliances forming through Twitter from the giants of search it’s an exciting time. Twitter has definitely strengthened its position as the top micro blogging service on the web with its latest addition of lists for users. You can bet there will be a lot more to come.

Would I change over?

Leaving statistics aside for a moment,

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How To Get Testimonials!’

As buyers, we demand social proof. Only a small percentage of the population gets excited about being the first to try something new.  That’s why there is no more effective salesperson than an existing customer. Getting your customers to testify, in the market is money in the bank! How to get testimonials

Often, new business owners will struggle getting these all-important testimonials. Or at least good ones that are effective selling tools.

Here are three ways to get them, by asking for them.

1. After you’re finished delivering on your promises, you approach your customer & say something like this.

‘Are you happy with

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