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Affiliates sit back and relax, after all Google endorses it

Some good news if you use a lot of outbound links to earn money from affiliate links, a new service at the moment that will save you a lot of time and energy. If you run a blog or a website and you use a lot of outbound links then prepare to be happy. At the moment if you use a lot of outgoing links for affiliate products it can be a pain in the ass setting them all up not to mention maintaining broken or incorrectly formatted URLs. With this new service from VigLink you simply add external links

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Here’s a quick update on the service that shortens your URLs and gives you a share in revenue. Recently they have introduced a new add-on for Firefox which makes it much easier and more convenient for sharing your links. To download the add-on you will have to sign up to Firefox first, this is due to the fact that Mozilla have changed their rules about downloading new and untried add-ons. The add-on is pretty much like any other URL shortener; you simply click on the icon when you want to share a link. I have tested out the

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Internet Monitoring Tools

Monitor your website

Just for a change this blog post is about Desktop software applications to help you monitor, monetize and boost your productivity. Some of these applications are FREE to download along with membership and paid offers, please feel free to distribute them to your friends and leave a comment.

Monitoring your network

Let’s face it we all have down times online, and there is no such thing as 100% server uptime, as much as the hosting companies would have us believe. There are many free and paid services that you can use to monitor your network, I use Web CEO and

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