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Testing out Revver

Checking out Revver, is it worthwhile?  Very slick operation , The Sony Ericsson’s pretty cool too. It can be a good source of income if you upload your own videos. So I will monitor it and see if it pays off.

My Top 20 WordPress Plugins

***UPDATE***  I have decided to deactivate the plugin as it slows down the page load on this Theme..02/11/2008 ***

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Profit from Your Video Blog

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

Video Blogging or Vlogging as they call it (who are they? I don’t know) So here i have gathered some information about generating some income from your efforts.

This is a continuation of the Video Blogging series you can find more information under the category video Blogging which is linked throughout this post.

One of the benefits of running a video blog for profit is that they are easy to manage and extremely popular with subscribers all over the Internet. In addition to being popular with subscribers they are very search engine friendly. Since vlogs are run on the same platform as a traditional blog they are optimized for maximum search engine performance. They also give you a chance to connect with your audience in a much more effective manner than writing ever could.
There are many ways to make money by posting videos to your blog and honestly the only limit is your imagination. The following are popular, tried and true methods that can turn your video blog into a profit making machine.

1.    Ad Revenue
There are several ways for you the earn money on your video blog with the help of sponsored ads. Most people concentrate on earning money from ads based on the visitors going to the website of the sponsor. Since video blogs receive a lot of traffic, focus on earning money through pay per impression advertisement programs. These programs pay you, the vlog owner, based on the number of times their ad is displayed on a visitor’s page. Pay per impression programs include:

·    TribalFusion
·    FastClick
·    CasaleMedia
·    ValueClick
·    MaxOnline
·    BurstMedia
·    RealTechNetwork

These programs are great since they pay you forever 1,000 times your page is loaded. They do not depend on the action of the visitor meaning you will still earn money even if your visitor doesn’t click on a link, sign up for a program, or anything else. This is a great, easy, way to benefit from the traffic that your vlog will receive. Successful vlog owners often receive $40.00 each day in ad revenue alone!
Pay per click ad campaigns are another way to earn money from your blog. These often pay more than pay per impression programs but they depend on the user clicking the advertisement or visiting an outside site. Popular pay per click programs includes:

·    Google
·    Yahoo Publisher Network
·    Clicksor
·    All Feeds
·    Fast Click
·    Veoda
·    Bidvertiser
·    Revenue Pilot

Those that have not had much luck with pay per click programs in the past might not be to eager to use these programs. It is true that it can be hard to earn a decent amount of money with click through programs but what many do not realize is that video blogs have a much higher click through rate than traditional blogs and websites. Many video blog owners have a click through rate of at least 25%.

2.    Paying Video Content
There are companies that let you use their video content and will pay you each time a visitor views it by loading your website. This source of income is great for people who are not able to create a video more than once or twice a week. In order to make the most of your video blog you will need to post daily and using this source of content will let you post fresh videos each day and allow you to earn money each time someone views this video. A great source of this type of content is Voxant.com.

Voxant.com also known as TheNewsRoom.com is a fantastic way to provide your video blog visitors with content at no charge to yourself. Not only will you be receiving content free of charge, you will be paid for the privilege. Regardless of your chose niche you will be able to find video content for your video blog. Voxant.com has financial news, entertainment information, celebrity gossip, and more.

3.    Distribute Your Videos for Cash
There are now websites similar to YouTube that allow video creators to upload their video blog entries and earn money each time they are viewed. Not only will this help your own vlog receive traffic, it will also help you earn money. Video bloggers have earned thousands of dollars by utilizing this method. Sites that will pay you for sharing your vlog posts are:

·    MetaCafe.com
·    Break.com
·    Revver.com
·    Flixya.com

Using these sites will help you earn money while expanding your reach and bringing traffic to your website. Plus these sites are all extremely easy to use. Once you have created your videos for your blog upload the content to these sites. As long as your content is original and entertaining you will be able to earn money each time someone views it. The sites are set up to allow visitors to embed your video onto their blogs or other sites which increase your views and income.

4.    Promote Affiliate Programs/Products With Video Posts
Sign up for affiliate programs that sell products and services that you yourself utilized. Once you have become an affiliate create videos that show you using and benefiting from the service product. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million. People like to see what they are going to buy before they buy and they certainly want to see it in action. Most of us have been encouraged to purchase items based on 30 second commercials aired on television. Think of what sort of affect a video can have on your affiliate sales.
If you are someone that has not had luck with affiliate programs in the past do not be afraid to try again. Video blogging will do wonders to increase your sales. Website visitors will be encouraged by the fact that you do not only promote the product, you also use it.
There are many companies online that offer affiliate programs to let website owners profit from encouraging others to buy various products or invest in certain services. Choose a product that you personally enjoy since that will make it easier for you to create energetic, enthusiastic, video blog posts. Pick a company selling clothing, DVDs, CDs or books that you like and become an affiliate. A few companies to consider are:

·    Road Kill Tshirts
·    Netflix
·    BMG Music
·    Bookwise
·    Mia Bella Candles
·    Avon
·    Mary Kay
·    Entertain with Ease
·    Jerky Direct
·    Traveling Vineyard
5.    Create Membership Areas

If you have created a video blog covering a specific niche then you can profit by creating a members only area. This can be especially useful to those who are making instructional videos are videos that are designed for a certain niche audience. Reserve some especially informative video posts for your member areas.Also advertise additional bonuses to those who become paying members to your video blog. Offer small gifts, free downloads, any bonus that would appeal to your visitors that would not cost you much money if anything. Charge a monthly or yearly membership fee that would provide additional money to your video blog. Some video blog owners charge as much as $70.00 per yearly sign up.

  • 6.    Sell Video Ad Space
    Think of how much money the average company spends to create and air commercials. Most small companies cannot manage that especially small, Internet based, companies. Offer to create video testimonial/commercials promoting certain products or services. There are many businesses that would benefit from this and you can get cash and free products by doing this! Advertise your services on sites like:·    Sitepoint.com
    ·    Craigslist.org
    ·    Ebay.comWhen advertising your services come up with pricing guidelines and place ads offering your services in the small business sections or advertisement space for sale. Let them know that you will be creating a customized video that they will be able to use on their own site. This offer alone will get the attention of many business owners who are promoting new products are creating new advertisement campaigns.
    When it comes to using these profit generating methods do not limit yourself to just one. It is entirely possible to take advantage of all of the previously mentioned guaranteed money making methods to increase the revenue of your new video blog. In addition to the methods outlined there are other things that you can do to generate income using your blog. You can create video testimonials for companies that will pay for the promotion or even sell your own products on sites like Ebay.com or
    Etsy.com creating videos of yourself using or even making the products you intend to sell.

How To Use RSS Feeds

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Mini Sites Exposed Part Two Starter for 10

Image by maxxtraffic via Flickr


It’s important to note that these are online videos that you access from your web browser. Michael uses Camtasia Studio to create these videos, which is the premier software program for creating screen capture tutorials such as these.
The first thing I noticed when I hit the play button on the first video was the incredible production quality. These are NOT your ordinary screen capture videos. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone make videos that are this high quality before.
He uses beautifully created graphics to pass his wisdom along to you, and the sound quality is the highest you will ever hear in an Internet marketing product. They sound like they were recorded in a professional studio.

Michael explained to me that he was sick and tired of seeing all the low quality videos out there, and so he set out to create something different in order to raise the bar in our industry. I think that, when you see Mini Site Profits Exposed for yourself, you’ll
agree that he has succeeded.

Now let’s move onto…


Here’s a brief summary of each video. Obviously it’s impossible to list every single thing here, but I want you to get a feel for what each one covered, and how well it covered it.

If you’re in a hurry, you can just check the     videos out right now for free. Here’s the URL:



This videos introduces you to the entire course, as well as the teacher himself. You’ll learn what you can expect from the course, and why it’s structured the way it is. Michael realizes that you may not have heard of him, and so he spends some time establishing his credibility with you by sharing some of his biggest successes. It doesn’t come across as bragging at all.
Michael explains that, in order for you to get value from the teachings, you need to have faith that the teacher actually knows what he’s talking about. By the end of this video, you will have no doubt.

By the way, this is a good lesson for all of us product developers. If you want people to accept you as an authority on any subject, you first need to establish your credibility with the reader. That way he’s willing to relax, and trust that what you’re
telling him is sound advice.


This video will introduce you to the basics of mini site marketing. This will set the foundation that all future learning will rest upon, so it’s important to pay close attention to this one.
You’ll learn:

* What mini-sites are, and what makes them different
from regular content sites.

* Which businesses they work well for… and which ones
they don’t.

* The right mindset to have when it comes to creating
mini sites as part of your online business strategy.

* And the different tools you need to get started.

This was a great video, and did an excellent job of kicking things off, and building the foundation for the rest of the course.

This is probably one of the most useful videos of the entire course. Every Internet marketer needs to build an email list, but how do you do it? What is the best way to capture the most opt-ins?
The answer is ’squeeze pages’. This video will teach you:

* Why using a squeeze page is far superior to other
opt-in methods.

* The single most important thing you must include at
the top of your squeeze page to skyrocket your opt-in

* The secret structure of a squeeze page, and why most
marketers get it wrong (which costs them a LOT of

* The most important to include in your opt-in process
that will make sure that people actually receive your

After watching this video, you’ll know everything you need to know to start building a massive opt-in list right away. This will probably be the first video that you ‘take action’ on. You’ll be so excited about the possibilities, that I guarantee you’ll go and create your own squeeze page right away.


Nothing happens until the sales copy is written. Graphics alone will never sell a product, but sales
copy alone WILL. This video begins to demystify the mysterious process of writing words that make people whip out their credit cards and buy.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

* Why you need to learn copywriting, even if you “hate
to write”

* What a compelling offer looks like, and how to tell
the difference.

* How to write an eyeball-grabbing headline that
practically forces your readers to go through your
entire page.

* A simple trick you can use in your opening to make
your reader want to learn more.

There is no skill that is more important to your
success than the ability to write killer sales copy.
Make sure you pay extra attention to this video, as
well as…


This video dives right into the individual components of a killer sales letter. You’ll learn how to create the “secret structure” of a mini site sales letter that makes big money. Specifically, you’ll learn:
* How to create captivating body copy that draws your
reader into the sales letter.

* Bullets that force your reader to keep reading the
whole page, and makes them insanely curious and want
to buy your product

* How to take the risk off people’s shoulders, so
they’ll feel safe buying from you.

* How to craft your ‘call to action’, and get people
to whip out their credit cards and buy immediately.

* The secrets of writing a killer P.S. that helps seal
the deal, and flip your prospect into a buyer

This video covered a surprising amount of detail, especially considering that this course is not
specifically about copywriting. Michael Rasmussen is definitely someone who overdelivers in his educational products.


Unless you want to be chained to your computer, you must learn how to put your mini sites on autopilot. The only thing you should be doing is driving traffic, and letting the site itself do all the work, including the work of instantly delivering the product to the customer.
This video will walk you through the process of automating your product delivery, so you can just
relax, and collect the money. The best part is… once you have this automated system set up, you never have to touch it again.

Until Tomorrow

Here’s the URL:


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How To Create A Mini Site That Runs On Autopilot And Makes You Money While You Sleep!

Screenshot of Ruddy Hell! It's Harry and Paul ...*Image via Wikipedia*

Michael Rasmussen’s “Mini Site Profits Exposed” Video Series:

Most Internet marketers understand that having mini
sites is the fastest and easiest way to make money
online. They don’t require a lot of time, energy, or
money to set up, and once you’ve got one up and
running, you can sit back and just collect money from
all the sales you’re making.

At least… that’s how it’s supposed to be, right?

The truth is that mini sites really ARE easy to set
up. They really DON’T require much time, energy, and
money to set up. So why is it that so few people
actually make money with their mini sites?

The answer is that they never learned how to actually
turn their mini site into a profitable moneymaker that
runs completely on autopilot. The good news is…


Here’s what this is all about: My colleague Michael
Rasmussen has just released a brand new video course
that will walk you through the process of creating a
killer mini site from the ground up, and then he’ll
also teach you how to actually start making money with
it right away and into the future.

If you’ve been looking for help with monetizing your
mini sites, then this is exactly what you need. The
best part? The videos are FREE! I’ll tell you more
about that later. First, let’s talk about the videos

If you’re in a hurry, you can just check the
videos out right now for free. Here’s the URL: www.minisitesexposed.com

More in tomorrows Blog Post

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