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WordPress Marketing Friendly Theme

So if you are a regular visitor to Web-Work at home then you will have noticed my theme has changed. Oh yes and for the better! The Atahaulpa WP Theme has some pretty impressive additional options that you won’t find in many other themes excluding premium. The main reason for the changeover was page load time, less plugins and better sidebar options. The Atahaulpa theme requires less maintenance in the form of plugin upgrades as it takes over many of those jobs like SEO and custom sidebar widgets. My intention has always been to move to a more complete working theme that doesn’t need a lot of plugins. “Now I’ve nothing against plugins but” there comes a time when you reach your breaking point especially if you have a large blog network. The differences between Flexibility and Atahaulpa themes are like night and day, I never thought I would hear myself say that. I have got so used to using Flexibility and can have a new blog up and running in two or three days fully loaded with articles. I still intend to make use of Flexibility but will gradually integrate the Atahaulpa theme for my entire network. Below is a snapshot of what you can expect if you choose to use this theme. For a more detailed read head over to the Bytes for all Forum Continue reading this article

How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers

How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers Twitter for Marketers is a valuable and useful tool for promotion but this could be its undoing. Twitters original concept was for genuine communication between people young or old. It now seems that the biggest users that drive the bulk of the Twitter traffic make up only 5% of users, the rest of the traffic is generated by auto bots, RSS feeds etcetera. That 5% mentioned earlier are hard core marketers, so you have to assume by these figures that Twitter will fail to grow beyond its present levels… Continue reading this article

Free 25 issue Internet Marketing Newsletter

**Offer is now closed** Today I am giving away a 25 issue Internet Marketing Newsletter package. This is great way to boost your newsletter subscriptions and build your list. Each issue tackles all the aspects of Internet Marketing from blogging to SEO, see full list below. So if you’re looking for fresh material then this pack will help you out. This 25 issue newsletter series is designed with beginners in mind, so even if your readers are just getting started in the online business world they will be able to quickly use the information to start developing their online business right away! I was going to just give this package away… Continue reading this article

Why I ditched Do Follow

I have decided to change my do follow policy for Web-Work At Home and so I have disabled the do follow plugin. This means my blog has now reverted to the default WordPress status. I was disappointed not to get more support or feedback from visitors, but I just had no choice. These are the reasons why I decided to ditch Do Follow Spammers My blog has been overwhelmed with persistent spammers, way above the normal level if there is such a thing. Freeloaders One liners and messages of so called support like “Great site, I have bookmarked you” and many others like it… Continue reading this article is rolling out a new interface is rolling out a new interface for its social bookmarking Icon, that little green icon with the pointy antennas that you may well have come across on numerous occasions. Instated of three tabs it has a row of send links at the top and a scrolling interface to find your preferred bookmarking site. Also it has a save to sharebox if you want to read any particular post later. It's expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks. Continue reading this article