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How to Integrate Google calendars with WordPress

This plugin from Juan Sebastián Echeverry allows you to integrate your Google calendar into WordPress via an XML feed. For anyone who has Google calendars for work or study groups and has a WordPress installation then this plugin might do the trick. Juan has reused the code and extended an old plugin (wnpg-calendar) to build Kalendas.

According to the author you can put a calendar event in any page or post by using a short code… [kalendas:title,feed] , handy for highlighting any events for your readers whether they be students or work colleagues. Just remember when you are configuring

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Capitalize on a Hungary Market, WordPress Holiday Specials

Brad Hanson Niche Web Strategies, LLC

I wanted to tell you about an incredible offer that I have just posted to the ReviewAZON support forum.

Everyone is looking for holiday WordPress themes now that the holiday season is upon us. How would you like to capitalize on a hungry market?

I’ve designed 5 quality holiday WordPress themes that you can make your own and sell as a bundle, individually, or for site flipping. Maybe you just want to keep them for yourself for you own sites.

These themes aren’t the usual low quality themes you find in

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Setup your own Twitter Front Page

Since I am Twitter daft I have just recently launched my own Twitter Front Page with the help of the P2 theme from Automatic. The concept of having your own Twitter Front Page can be a valuable marketing platform and I think it gives you more options to branch out. I hope to expand the Twitter blog to include other marketing elements which can be of help to other people. At the moment the P2 theme needs to be custom edited to allow page navigation on the header. Hopefully the folks from Automatic will include more of these elements

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Taking a Break from Web-WorkAtHome

A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Quick Reference for Affiliate Managers & Merchants Overall Rating:   Retail Price: $29.99 Amazon Price: $17.58 Just a quick note before you read the rest of this article; I will be taking a break from Web-WorkAtHome for a couple of weeks. There are a number of reasons for this break, the main one being that I want to concentrate on building and consolidating my niche network. This has always been my main passion and I just love building new blogs with WordPress. Web-WorkAtHome will still be available for you to submit

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Plugins I use for my WordPress Blog last updated 14/05/09

Image by Milleiro™ via Flickr

I thought I would give my plugins a dedicated page so that I can share how I utilize my WordPress Blog. You can leave your comment for suggestions and give me your feedback on what plugins you use. There is a lot of pressure to keep this list a short as possible especially if you have a big blog network. One of the solutions to this I gathered from is to install WPMU on my server, this would then allow me to put all my blogs in one place and upgrade plugins with

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Drive Traffic to your blog with BlogRush

New Dashboard on Show

Today i logged into my BlogRush account to check out what’s on offer and to see which direction the staff are taking. Some very interesting facts and figures came out of that visit.

Now to be honest I haven’t been with BlogRush for that long and I was a bit sceptical about the performance, that being said I was impressed with the members area, when you log in to your account you are presented with a new dashboard with a clean layout and look to it; and a wealth of very useful and revealing tools

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