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Setup your own Twitter Front Page

Since I am Twitter daft I have just recently launched my own Twitter Front Page with the help of the P2 theme from Automatic. The concept of having your own Twitter Front Page can be a valuable marketing platform and I think it gives you more options to branch out. I hope to expand the Twitter blog to include other marketing elements which can be of help to other people. At the moment the P2 theme needs to be custom edited to allow page navigation on the header. Hopefully the folks from Automatic will include more of these elements in future… Continue¬†reading this article

Work From Home

It can be extremely difficult to find the right method to work from home due to the growing amount of scam sites and programs on the internet. It is still possible to make good bank safely and scam free with the right information. You read all the hype about these amazing people making $50 to $100 dollars an hour working at home from their computers. The ads always make it seem like they work 2 hours and get paid for 10 at these incredible rates. I see this kind of targeting going on at every turn on the work from

How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers

How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers Twitter for Marketers is a valuable and useful tool for promotion but this could be its undoing. Twitters original concept was for genuine communication between people young or old. It now seems that the biggest users that drive the bulk of the Twitter traffic make up only 5% of users, the rest of the traffic is generated by auto bots, RSS feeds etcetera. That 5% mentioned earlier are hard core marketers, so you have to assume by these figures that Twitter will fail to grow beyond its present levels… Continue¬†reading this article

4 Ways To Promote A Work From Home Business

Some simple ways to get the word out on your programs and products plus get massive backlinks. I am going to talk about two fairly new websites and two that have been around for a bit. These websites can help get you massive backlinks, get you some traffic, and are essential for your work at home efforts. 1. This site has been around for a while and should be used every time you write and submit an article. You will receive backlinks to this website, which has a pretty high page rank and your articles can be grabbed by other blog owners and webmasters. These… Continue¬†reading this article

Work At Home Tutoring Home Based Jobs

Become a Home Tutor and advertise your services online. A lot of individuals need extra assistance in school. From primary education up through college, students frequently need help learning. If you've adequate education and the willingness to work one on one with others, then home tutoring is a marvellous chance to earn a 2nd income from home. Not everybody is qualified for this position, but for those who are, the choices can be endless. Home tutors may charge between $20.00 and $100.00 or more per hour depending upon the type of education, the local surroundings, and their skills. Requirements for Home Tutoring To be a home… Continue¬†reading this article