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How Can Tags help your online business?

When we look at all the trends that have come and gone on the Internet over the years we find that there is a common theme, this evolving theme is geared towards greater symmetry and cohesion. The Internet has to evolve to bring together its limitless expansion to the masses. 
In order to give greater control to the Internet user and especially to website and blog owners the next milestone looks like being the tagging system. How can Tags help your online business?

Articles became the hot potato in 2004 and continue to be a valuable traffic source, Blogging and pinging were the marketing strategies for 2005, Videos started coming on stream in 2006. Now, the question that many Entrepreneurs ask is: what’s the next big thing that will hit the internet marketing world by promising to be highly efficient and profitable?

It’s called tagging, and though some of you may not be familiar with it right now, you will be able to master the same principles of tagging by the end of this article.

Tagging is a new way of categorizing certain topics of your blogs.

Categorizing blog entries is nothing new. Whether you have been using Blogger’s services or WordPress, you should be very familiar with how categorizing works. If your entry has something to do with niche marketing strategies for example, chances are you’d place it under the category of niche marketing. If your entry has something to do with publishing techniques, you’d place the same under the category of publishing.

The titles of these categories are very important for tagging. This is because these titles serve as your tags. Okay, But Why Is Tagging So Important for Internet marketing?

Tagging is an innovative way of categorizing information in the World Wide Web, a fact which we have established earlier. But tagging has a distinct advantage over other categorizing methods currently available.

Users are in control over the proper categories of the information they will share, and users are no longer dependent on search engines to do the categorizing for them. With tagging, they can simply allocate certain content under certain categories and the tagging system will take care of the rest.

The biggest tagging service available for people on the internet is Technorati. It is a widely popular website that attracts millions of visitor’s every day. It’s not really different from the pinging systems that have grown in popularity over a year ago. The system employed by Technorati involves the following:

* Users can categorize their latest blog entries according to tags.
* Each category will display the newest entry on top.
* The hottest tags will be displayed on the homepage, available for everyone to see.

Bingo,the businessman in you will see the many benefits you can derive from the Technorati tagging system.

1. You can use it as a market research tool. Simply study the hottest tags, which should correspond to the hottest topics on the internet today. With millions of visitors, such hot tags hold a lot of weight, and whatever you can gain from the same will more or less be determinative.

2. You can use tagging as a new type of pinging, but better. Do you have a blog? Categorize each new entry and file them according to the hottest tags of the moment. You will be able to expose your URL to a very wide audience.

3. Update your blog regularly, and tag every new entry. You’ll almost, always be on top of the category appropriate for the tag. This is a great way to ensure fresh visitors every time you post something new.

So Is Tagging The Next Big Thing?

Already, tags are being used in other popular websites like MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube, a category management system that any online businessman can exploit to drive traffic to there website or blog.

Tagging is one of the fashionable methods included in what many Internet marketers have labelled as “new age marketing.” It’s something that the present generation of internet users have come to accept as a standard, and to win their attention, we have to play their game.

As allways Thanks’ for reading & please leave your thoughts.

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Free Backlinks to boost your traffic

The A Files album coverImage via Wikipedia

This dropped into my mailbox from Warner Carter, so if you want some free Backlinks then roll your sleeves up and get started

Here is a list of forums that do follow. Your signature links and links in posts will be followed by search engines.

Write legitimate content and participate in real discussions in an intelligent way. Besides the search engines the people reading the posts may check out your website if you say something interesting. Links open in a new window. Come back often as you like, I dont expect you will get through them all in one day unless your a workaholic.

1.    http://forums.digitalpoint.com
2.    http://www.sitepoint.com/forums
3.    http://www.ozzu.com
4.    http://www.webmasterforums.com
5.    http://www.allcoolforum.com
6.    http://www.warriorforum.com
7.    http://forums.webicy.com
8.    http://thehyipforum.com
9.    http://www.webmasterforumsonline.com
10.  http://www.webmasters.am/forum
11.  http://www.webmasterforums.net
12.  http://www.devhunters.com
13.  http://www.webmaster-forum.net
14.  http://www.geekvillage.com/forums
15.  http://www.zymic.com/forum
16.  http://www.webmastershelp.com
17.  http://www.webmasterdesk.org
18.  http://www.webmasterground.com
19.  http://developers.evrsoft.com/forum
20.  http://www.websitebabble.com
21.  http://www.talkingcity.com
22.  http://www.australianwebmaster.com
23.  http://www.wtricks.com
24.  http://www.forums.webzonetalk.com
25.  http://www.htmlforums.com
26.  http://www.searchbliss.com/forum
27.  http://www.webmasterize.com
28.  http://www.webmasterserve.com
29.  http://www.freehostforum.com
30.  http://www.seorefugee.com/forums
31.  http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/forums
32.  http://forums.seo.ph
33.  http://forums.delphiforums.com
34.  http://www.web-mastery.net
35.  http://www.webworkshop.net/seoforum/index.php
36.  http://www.webproworld.com
37.  http://www.bzimage.org
38.  http://www.v7n.com/forums
39.  http://www.dnforum.com
40.  http://www.webcosmoforums.com
41.  http://forums.webicy.com
42.  http://forum.hittail.com/phpbb2/index.php
43.  http://www.affiliateseeking.com/forums
44.  http://siteownersforums.com/index.php
45.  http://www.webmaster-forums.net
46.  http://www.geekpoint.net
47.  http://www.smallbusinessforums.org
48.  http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com
49.  http://www.experienceadvertising.com/forum
50.  http://opensourcephoto.net/forum
51.  http://forums.seochat.com
52.  http://forums.searchenginewatch.com
53.  http://www.ihelpyou.com/forums
54.  http://dishnews.medianetwork.co.in/yabb2/YaBB.pl
55.  http://www.businesss-forum.com
56.  http://www.9mb.com
57.  http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums
58.  http://forums.seroundtable.com
59.  http://www.submitexpress.com/bbs
60.  http://www.startups.co.uk/6678842908486596004/forums.html
61.  http://www.webmaster-talk.com
62.  http://forums.comicbookresources.com
63.  http://www.clicks.ws/forum/index.php
64.  http://www.acorndomains.co.uk
65.  http://forums.onlinebookclub.org
66.  http://www.ableton.com/forum
67.  http://www.davidcastle.org/BB
68.  http://www.webtalkforums.com
69.  http://www.bloggapedia.com/forum
70.  http://www.bloggertalk.com/forum.php
71.  http://paymentprocessing.cc
72.  http://www.directoryjunction.com/forums
73.  http://www.internetmarketingforums.net
74.  http://www.lex224.com/forums/index.php
75.  http://forum.joomla.org
76.  http://forum.mambo-foundation.org/index.php
77.  http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php
78.  http://www.namepros.com/index.php
79.  http://loanofficerforum.com/forum
80.  http://iq69.com/forums
81.  http://forum.hot4s.com.au
82.  http://forums.mysql.com
83.  http://forums.amd.com/forum
84.  http://softwarecommunity.intel.com/isn/Community/en-us/Forums
85.  http://forums.cnet.com
86.  http://seotalk.medianetwork.co.in
87.  https://www.computerbb.org
88.  http://forum.vbulletinsetup.com
89.  http://www.irishwebmasterforum.com
90.  http://www.app-developers.com
91.  http://forums.stuffdaily.com
92.  http://forums.seo.com
93.  http://www.webdigity.com
94.  http://www.inboundlinksforum.com
95.  http://forums.gentoo.org
96.  http://ubuntuforums.org
97.  http://forum.textpattern.com
98.  http://talk.iwebtool.com
99.  http://www.frogengine.com/forum

Thanks’ Warner

Check out Warners latest Post

“Recently I downloaded and read Dan Theis’ SEO Fast Start 2008. This is an extremely well written guide. Informative and current. What really stands out is how Dan has written something so easy to read and understand. SEO is pretty complicated if you look into it much. In this guide there is a good layout of the main principals and specific steps presented within that context.”  Read on ….

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Are you being Scammed by a legitimate supplier?

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

News for people that are trading through eBay or have their own online store;

Spot That Scam !

Results 1 - 10 of about 550,000 for wholesale dropshippers . (0.09 seconds)

There is a new trick scammers are using to get you to part with your hard earned money. They first create accounts on numerous wholesale trade directories and chat boards, claiming to be employed by a supplier you know to be legitimate. They then impersonate that company until they drive you into making a deal with them.  Do the portals that receive the scammers’ advertising fee care about this practice? Not really. Do third party verifiers care? Another resounding No.

Be careful when dealing with suppliers just because their company name checks out. While the company may be legitimate, the people you are communicating with may not.

Since 2006 eSources is the Internet’s largest resource of verified wholesalers and dropshippers. We don’t just verify the legitimacy of a company, but also of the people behind the company. Is our work worth any money to you? Probably tens of thousands. Why do we charge so little? To maximise the number of traders that will benefit from the Internet’s largest verified trade community, while keeping tire kickers away and reinvesting membership fees on offering you an even better service, for life.

Be immune from impersonators. Get the edge your business deserves.

The chances are that out of 10 suppliers that you find, about 7 to 8 are scam sites. They are designed to avoid detection and lure sellers to commit to a purchase with no strings attached. This post will attempt to help you sift out these scam sites and avoid pitfalls. These tips are for all wholesale distributors and suppliers for whatever you are purchasing.

First of all, check the contact details of the company provided. Legitimate suppliers will definitely have a valid telephone number.

Also, a real company will always use a land line as the contact number instead of a cell phone number and be listed.

Secondly, verify that the contact details include the full business name and its registration number. It would be ideal to be able to verify the information from the company registry of the country where the company resides.

Thirdly, do an online Whois lookup on the domain name of the company website. You can do it at  http://whois.domaintools.com/ Check for the date the domain name was registered and its expiry. Legitimate wholesale distributors for example will have their domain registered typically for a period of more than 3 years.

Fourthly, verify the address to make sure it is not a fake. Make sure it is valid and not in some poor, deserted and undeveloped area.

Last but not least, go for secure methods of payment like Escrow, Cod, PayPal or credit cards. Try to avoid Western union and wire transfers which are unsecured and untraceable.

Another great post over at Contest Blogger about contest scams.

If you or somebody you know has had a run in with a scam artist, then please let me know and leave a comment.

I no that it can be a painful experience for anybody who has been affected, so the more people that are made aware of these scams the better.


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To Self Host or not to Self Host

Image representing WordPress as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

In today’s post I want to talk about Hosting and the cost; as opposed to the multitude of free services which are hosted on their own respective servers. The whole idea of the World Wide Web is to bring as many services to the public as possible which is without doubt a good thing. The big giants of the internet industry do have a stranglehold in this area and so make it very appealing to the masses especially the newbies or for people who don’t have the technical knowledge on how to upload files and instigate a number of other tasks only possible with self hosting.

At the moment there is huge interest in web 2.0 with its changing trends in particular with the use of social media. But web 2.0 goes much further in development with rapidly growing ranks of designers and developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketers, and business strategists who are embracing the opportunities created by Web 2.0 technologies. So with all this new development comes new ways in which people from all walks of life can do a lot more with free or self hosted services.

(Side note) We mustn’t forget our privacy in all this excitement; these free services do come at a price, depending on your settings just about every spammer can grab your email details and a lot more.

There are many ways that we can use these free services to generate income, and depending which direction you want to take can be quite profitable. Let’s look at Blogger for instance, for a start Google allows you to benefit from placing its own ads in different formats (contextual ect”) but you will also be able to insert various other revenue based methods like Amazon or other affiliate programs. The process of integration is made very easy by drawing on the use of APIs so that the migration is smooth. So there is no doubt that you can do very nicely, and depending on your direction you can bring in earnings through a variety of ways.   As well as the established blog providers you also have the established social network platforms and a plethora of blog providers, but there are all different levels of what you can and what you can’t do with your blog; rules rules rules!

Hosting your own WordPress Blog has many benefits, the main one being the amount of extra plugins you can use. The list of plugins is endless but some of the more useful ones for example the all in one seo pack and the Google XML sitemap generator are indispensable; The beauty of   the whole system is that is completely automated with among others the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin, as an example this blog is only a month old and already has a respectable Alexa traffic rank and i dare say will have a Google rank in due course. There are many other plugins that extend your WordPress blogs functionality with all kinds of special effects. WordPress.org

I think advertisers take you more seriously if you have your own domain. On WordPress.com- you cannot run paid ads. If the blog is for business-also it helps with the overall promotion of your business site and attracts more visitors through search engines because of the dynamic nature of the blog. A dot com domain is the best thing a blog can have for branding purposes. People won’t remember “yourname.bloghost.com” - but they will remember” yourname.com”. This is the case with me - 15% of my visitors come directly to my site because its name is easily remembered and pretty unique.

The bottom line is you can do a whole lot more if you self host your blog, especially if you want to draw traffic and gain revenue from advertisers. What do you think? I bet there are some bloggers out there who use providers and are quite happy as opposed to self hosters who are deliriously happy with their blogs.

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Why I want to sell my Online Shopping Mall

Today I want to discuss online shopping malls with all their good points and their not so good points. I’m sure anybody who has an active interest in making some money online has at one time thought about having their own online shopping mall, and for those of you who already have an online shopping mall, well! how are you doing with it? Doubtless there are countless online turnkey shopping malls on the web some of which are better consigned to the dustbin and some which are let’s say a bit more professional looking. So I have been busy checking out the ins and outs of online shopping malls and all that it entails.

In my view you get what you pay for, unless you are technically gifted or you have money to throw at it, then believe me you will struggle. Type in “online shopping malls” at Google, and at the time of writing this article it returned over 5,000,000 hits. So you now know that you have some serious competition. My own experience with online shopping malls is fairly short and not to successful, I opted to sign up to DSD which is a US based Dropshiping company, they supply your products and also set up your online shopping mall with limited work on your own part. (Or so I thought)

Once you have signed up and handed over your dosh, you think to yourself well that’s it then, just sit back and watch the money roll in, oh dear! Well okay you probably guessed that there is a bit more work involved and your right there is. The thing is you get the impression from the sales pitch that just about everything is taken care of, NOT THE CASE, for a start you will need to promote and advertise your shopping mall. This is hard work if you want to be successful.

Here is a comprehensive list of possible tactics you can try to generate traffic to your site. Not all these will be suitable for everyone some will depend on your budget and business plan. You need to pick and choose the right options for your store from this list.
·    Pay per click
·    Article marketing
·    Newsletter
·   Auto responders
·    Word of mouth
·   Joint ventures / strategic partnerships
·    Talks to groups
·    Participation in online forums / discussion groups
·    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
·    Free for all link pages?
·    Pay per click advertising
·    Banner advertising and banner exchange programs
·   Reciprocal linking
·    Shopping comparison sites
·   Bundled products
·    Free gift with purchase
·    Regular newsletter
·    Helpful content on your website
·    Companion blog for your website
·    Offline advertising and promotion

Quite a few options to think about, this is why I have just about given up, there is so much promotion work involved and I simply do not have the time to do it justice. So I am open to any offers to take on my shopping mall @ www.tip-topshop.com, bear in mind this shop only delivers to the UK if you want to sell to the US you will have to upgrade(£29 approx) in my view it’s a must, the US market is huge!
The site has its own control panel where you can configure all the ads and change the template and loads more besides.

The total cost to myself at the time of purchase was £100, and costs around £25 a year for hosting. So you could make yourself a nice little saving, as I say I am open to offers, the current hosting is still good for about 5 months.

If you are interested then contact me through maxhomebits.com Leave a comment and let me know about your experiences and any help or advice, before i consign my store to the great cyberspace in the sky!

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