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Today’s featured subject, ‘Your 12 Point Check List For Compelling Copy!

You’re ready to launch that new product or promotion and you’re really counting on a piece of advertising to come through for you. You’re looking for stellar results! And, you’re determined to do everything in your power to get them. Which means surveys, thorough testing, and ongoing refinement.

When you’ve got your draft, run it through this 12-point inspection. Cover off these basics, and you can be sure you’re off to a running start.

1 - Do You Have A Compelling Headline?

Does it generate curiosity or envy? Does it promise a benefit that will compel someone with an interest in what you’re selling to keep reading? Remember, your headline is the ad for the ad.

When I am being paid to write a sales letter, or have a very important sales objective of my own, I normally write 25 headlines before I begin the body of the piece.

Then I’ll pick half a dozen that I think will work & test them. The best of the rest, I use as sub headings sprinkled throughout the piece to propel readership, and draw skimmers and skippers back into the copy as they move down the page.

2 - Are Your Headlines Pleasing To The Eye?

I most often find that headlines work best when they are centered on the page and present a balanced appearance in terms of the shape they create. Encasing them in quotation marks can also serve to grab more attention.

3 - Is Your Opening Provocative & Arresting?

Does it trip the reader, interrupting the internal turbulence of the day? Each line of your work must serve to ’sell’ the reader on continued reading, especially at the beginning.

You are looking to build enough momentum & interest to convey the points necessary to generate a greater desire for the product than its price. Generally speaking, the higher the cost of the product, the more words required.

4 - Are You FAB Balanced?

You must focus on painting a picture of your prospects future life, as a result of their purchase. Does your ad promise emotional benefits? Does it pledge the realization of positive feelings, or the relief of negative ones?

Does it show how these outcomes are achieved with concise descriptions of the features & advantages that will deliver them? Your copy must strike a balance between emotion & logic if it is to be effective.

5 - Are You Creating Excitement & Enthusiasm?

Demonstrate you personal belief in what you are selling.

Will your message quicken the readers pulse? Is it upbeat, positive, & full of inspired energy? Is there a sense of WOW to it?

6 - Is Your Body Copy Highly Readable?

Remember simple is best. Keep sentences short. Use a plain 10-point to 12-point font. Paragraphs no more than a few lines. Words that are comfortable, familiar, and specific to the audience you are targeting. Inject subheads to break up text. Highlight important points.

7 - Do You Have High YOU density?

Remember to you use the words YOU & YOUR to the hilt. Your reader is auto translating to ME & MINE.

8 - Are you speaking intimately?

Can you get a strong sense of personality when you review your letter after being away from it for a while? Visualize yourself writing a personal letter to your perfect prospect. Never write to a crowd.

9 - Are you inspiring the readers’ imagination?

You must trigger mental images with your writing. The mind has difficulty distinguishing between vividly painted word pictures, & reality. Daydreams enchant and emotions flow in their wake.

When you have emotion, you have desire. When you have desire, you have suggestibility. When you have suggestibility, you can direct action. Your levers are allegory (storytelling), metaphor, similes, verbs, adjectives and specificity.

10 - Do you offer proof?

Specific testimonials and convincing guarantees are essential.

11 - Is your offer irresistible?

People are greedy and they don’t part with their money easily. Are you piling bonuses on top of your reasons why, in exchange for immediate action?

12 - And finally, do you have a killer P.S.?

For some reason, the P.S. at the bottom of the letter gets read a lot. Make it stop your reader in their tracks, like a deer in the headlights! Associate a positive outcome with taking the desired action, or a negative one with delay or inaction.

So there you have it. Exercise this 12-step checklist before your sales rubber hits the road.

Here’s an in-depth resource for further reading & study.

Until next time, Good Selling!

Daniel Levis ;Curator Selling to Human Nature Institute

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