My WordPress plugins list: Latest update

My WordPress plugins list: Latest update

This is my latest plugin list, it’s been a while since i last updated them, i think it was around August 09. As we all know WordPress wouldn’t be WordPress without plugins. I always try to find the best plugins and also make use of one or two premium plugins that will bring in revenue. WordPress 2.9 will be with us very soon and from what I have read on the forums promises to bring in more improvements particularly in the images department. You can find my list under the WP plugins page along with links

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Choosing Newsletter Formats

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This is the second week now in my DIY Newsletter Creation and I have been busy designing my newsletter cover for the blog. The design isn’t quite ready yet so in the meantime let’s carry on and discuss Newsletter Formats. Oh by the way I have decided to go with WWAH Newsletter for The title; I figure the Title is self explanatory, nothing really fancy but it gets the message across. The acronym hopefully will trigger the mind to remember my blog, I can do a survey with my readers and see if they have any ideas or

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Newsletter Creation

Newsletter Creation

Here’s a great site for you to checkout, it’s all about creating your newsletter, and is packed with tons of resources with practical advice and newsletter templates. Newsletters are not my strong point, hence no newsletter signup on my blog. I am forever buzzing around doing other jobs and never seem to get round to producing my own newsletter. The problem that I find is that I have all my information on the blog, so why bother? If you want to sign up to my RSS feed by email subscription then isn’t that enough! Well the top Internet

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Delicious Tastes Good

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SEO is Top Priority over the next few months Some very interesting survey results and shows the importance of SEO to online business, while we go through uncertain economic times. Most online business owners are very tuned in to changing trends and continue to alter or change their SEO tactics to stay ahead of the competition. I was a bit surprised by the video marketing results at only 7% but I still believe this will rise in better times ahead.

Link to Smart IT Consulting | Anatomy and Deployment of Links This is a great resource for

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