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Is a Telemarketing Home Based Business for you?

The telemarketing industry has gone through many changes over the years with jobs springing up in various call centres across the globe. Whether it’s selling insurance or dealing with customer service there is plenty of choices available.

If you have good communication skills and you love to talk to people on the phone then telemarketing could be a great home based business. There are many advantages to being in the telemarketing industry. For example, you can work the hours you wish to work, start, and stop working when you need to. As for earning potential, this will be based on the company you work with and your ability to sell well. But it doesn’t have to be all hard sell, as well as selling there are other areas like customer service and dealing with enquiries.

From cold calls to handling incoming calls, there are many ways this home based business can be financially satisfying.

Available Options

There are many fantastic advantages to working from home and for many a home telemarketing business is the ideal choice. There are several different types of telemarketing work you can do. Some companies hire individuals to do cold calling. This is when an individual contacts a list of people and sells products or services.

There is also another type of telemarketing called warm marketing, providing individuals who request additional information, and you will be calling them to provide this. Another option is inbound calling. With this form of telemarketing, you wait for customers to call you and you fill their orders through your Internet connection.

Suggestive selling (or up selling) can often be a large part of the job. Overall the amount of money that can be earned from telemarketing varies and can be set by performance. It is often paid as a commission per sale, for example, whenever you have someone make a purchase or sign up for a service you get a set rate. On other occasions you may get a percentage of the sales of any purchases made.

To excel in this industry you do need to have a good sales ability. You also need to have a quiet home to work from. For those who are available at odd hours, such as during dinner time, early mornings and late at night, may be able to get more work.

Telemarketing can be a challenging job since many people do not like to be called for any service or product sale. Today many of the newer methods allow telemarketing to be done to a warm market (prepared) which can increase sales and limit sales loss. Some companies will have the ability to link up with your computer at home so it’s best to have a separate workstation for this purpose.

For those who want a home based business that requires no investment and lots of flexibility, this may be a great home based business idea.

What you need: Computer with Internet connection, Telephone, E-mail account, Fax machine

Telemarketing jobs can often be found on popular general job searching sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, or Reed UK. Use keywords or categories to find listings on these sites and check for jobs in your area.

How you want to be paid: either commission or hourly basis or both. Most telemarketing jobs will pay at least partially on commission, and it’s quite common for jobs to pay commission only. If you want an hourly base, it’s a good bet to look for jobs that require a combination of customer service and telemarketing.

Most companies will have their own application forms on their websites for you to fill out. Send out plenty of applications as home based work is always in high demand, make use of auto fill on your browser. Have your CV up to date and be ready to email or fax details when required.

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