Testing your way to a profitable website

Selling any product online requires an effective testing strategy.

If you are struggling to make money with your website or blog then perhaps it’s time to change the rules and really analyze your situation, testing your website can bring you a wealth of information that if used properly will open your eyes. People who are successful on the web today are constantly tweaking and testing their model to gain an advantage over their rivals. Little tiny improvements over time build up and give you that edge over the competition.

Testing is very straight forward with various free scripts and applications available, but basic testing like changing headlines can be a simple way to see what works and what doesn’t.  The trick is, to keep checking and testing and move on.

Sales Copy

Arguably one of the most important aspects of a successful website, this is where you must split test your headlines, in fact it’s a good idea to have at least three sales copy for any product. It’s all about grabbing your visitor’s attention all the way down to the buy now link. Give your visitor a reason to read your sales copy by hitting them with a killer headline and start that funnel, always allow your visitor to cut to the chase by spacing out order now links throughout the sales copy.

Price testing

This is always a tricky one to get right, if you price to low the customer will think it’s not worth it, price to high and you lose the sale. Overall people have a “you get what you pay for” mentality which is the safest option to go for. Test several price structures high and low to find the optimum level. It’s not all about numbers for your sales; you may sell a lot of products at a low price but fewer higher priced products will give you more profit.

Sales Copy Body Testing

It’s a fact that the vast ,majority will not read your sales copy so it’s important to have bulleted lists and subheads to draw the eye to key benefits of the product. Most people skim sales copy and hover over what they think is the important parts of the sales copy. I have done it myself several times looking for the main benefits before deciding whether to buy or not. Overall the message is to make it easy for your visitor to find the key benefits and avoid long blocks of text.

A message to American marketers! UK users hate long sales copy…. Well I do any way.

Test your offer

What is your offer? Is it the product you’re selling or is it the bonuses or special price? It’s easy to get confused. Your offer is the whole package. Bonuses are for backend sales and as incentives, test these often. It’s all about value and relevancy for the customer, get the balance right and you have a winner.

Whatever you’re selling it has to appeal to the buyer and have all the benefits that they are looking for. Features are great for selling a product but if the benefits aren’t there then forget it!

Testing your Site Layout

Where are your visitors entering your site from? And where or when are they exiting….adios! Your sites layout will determine these factors along with a good stats program. Here is where you can stem the flow of exiting customers that don’t buy from you and act accordingly.

Points to consider for your site layout:

Position of your opt-in offer: test several places on your site using different forms and graphics, use hover scripts if necessary.

Column layout: one, two or three column layouts ….keep testing!

Navigation Links: Test along the top or side or both

Call to action: Where the best position is for your call to action button.

Testing all of these elements should follow a reliable structure so do one at a time and digest the stats and work on them carefully. Look at your best performing sales letter or email list as a benchmark, keep testing.

When testing your sales copy make sure to take seasonal adjustments into account and keep the time frame relevant. Keep a detailed record of all your testing and stats they are incredibly important to your success. Always measure your results against your stats so you can find the highs and the lows, every factor is important from sales to timeline ratio, so keep checking.

Testing and tweaking , always

Thanks’ for reading

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