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This is the tool every professional eBayer and online retailer has been waiting for. It will give you a tremendous edge over your competition and ensure you can make maximum profits from your online listings. It is not uncommon for reports to indicate increased sales of up to 80% when you follow the advice given, at sales prices as much as 60% higher than listing randomly alone.

The wizard will tell you precisely, for any product, which eBay listing options will net you the best sales. Each report will also reveal the best times of the day, month and year for selling your items on the web, and give you specific keyword variations, synonyms and misspellings you should target for maximum profits.

There is no other tool on the web that can provide you with country specific demand analysis. Other tools aggregate global demand data and fail to provide information specific to your market. We are extremely proud to be the first to offer you demand analysis which is specific to your selling region. You will also find out:

  • the best times to buy from your suppliers to obtain the lowest prices;
  • which eBay listing features are profitable, and which are more profitable than others;
  • when to start and end your auctions;
  • which listing formats outperform your competitors listings;
  • And much, much more.

Reports are generated in minutes and can be tailored for different date ranges and countries.

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