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The Structure of your Product Launch

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Part two in this Product Launch series

The first thing I want to do is touch on the structure. Remember your goals and keep them solidly in mind when designing your own product launch promotion drive. Your overall aim isn’t to make millions through one product it’s to use these products to build your resources so that you can make your money with future products.
The bigger you build, the more you’ll make. For reference, here’s the direction I use in all my marketing courses that clearly shows the 5 big resources you should be building to ensure your online success.

Affiliates build all 5 of your Primary Resources

*Affiliates >> Standard Customers >> Long Term Customers >> Joint Ventures >> Standard List >> Affiliates*

The All Powerful Resources
No matter how odd or unrelated one of them may seem, I guarantee to you that they all tie into each other. Never ever start again, and if you’re not sure how to do something, or it’s been a long day and you’re not in the mood, take a break and make sure you do this properly. It’s imperative that you don’t miss any out. Each one you miss will limit your money making capability by 20% in the present, and as that snowballs in the future, we’re going to be looking at an Incalculable amount, and that’s not the kind of money we want to be losing. We’ll take a final look at these directions once your promotions start to go out and you have the space to begin managing your resources in such a way that they build each other.

Note: This isn’t a cheap excuse for me to make things seem complicated, or revolutionary, nothing like that. These directions simply represent each resource building the other, which in effect leaves you with an almost never ending crowd to promote for you, to strike deals with, to promote to and to make a hefty profit from.

Your Standard Customers regularly build two of your 5 main resources:

*Affiliates >> *Standard Customers >> Long Term Customers >> Joint Ventures >> Standard List >> Affiliates*

So here comes the goal list. This is the list that I use every single time I launch a product, and something you should use too. This is when we pool everything that we’ve learned so far and put them together to become a complete marketing system that builds itself. The business end if you will. Now aside from the affiliate systems that you’ll need to set up, nothing else costs. If you’re reading the following list and find yourself saying to yourself that you can’t afford it or don’t have the time to do it, we’ve got our wires crossed somewhere, because nothing else should cost you anything, ever.

Your Long Term Customers Build Two of your resources

Affiliates >> Standard Customers >> Long Term Customers >> Joint Ventures >> Standard List >> Affiliates*

Pre-Launch Checklists

So here goes, the checklist. You should have everything here set up and ready to go before even thinking about promotion. In order, we’ll look at each resource in turn to make this crystal clear, for sales, for affiliate promotion, for your list, for your research and for joint ventures. Once you can honestly put a tick beside each of these you’re ready to prepare your promotion.

Joint ventures build all 5 of your primary resources

>>Affiliates >> Standard Customers >> Long Term Customers >> Joint Ventures >> Standard List >>

A) For Sales.
A small starter intro product priced around $20-$60 directly related to your larger product, a quality product in itself with the direct intent to sell buyers onto the larger product. Big Product, Your Money Maker.
Your money maker. Priced between $200 and $2000. Sales will come from your smaller product and after launch when your resources start building, from those also.
Follow-up for your small product.
For the sole intention of resource building, and pulling customers back to the small product site to get them to purchase the intro product and flow down the line.

Follow-up for your large product.
For the sole intention of resource building and pulling people back to your high priced product site enticing them to buy at a later date or after more than one view.
Begining next week we will look at the “Seven day follow-up system”

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  • Kenny Ritchie

    Not overly complex, nice simple structure the fact that there is a strategy to your actions is likely to produce excellent results over time.

    Refreshing change to see it all laid out in strategic flow.

    Kenny Ritchies last blog post..Another 5 ways to make money from PLR.

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