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Time Management with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is something that all Internet marketers do and I’m no different but finding the time is a daily challenge. This is where time management really comes into its own by delegating your daily tasks in an ordered fashion you can be much more productive. Many people have misconceptions about social media marketing and whether if it’s worth their time, or if it can make any impact on their marketing efforts. In reality you get out what you put in… You don’t have to spend hours at it either; in fact an hour a day is more than enough to get you started.  The best thing to do is concentrate on the big popular social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter.

First Time

If you’re starting out for the first time then do at least an hour a day for the first month, after this you can get away with 15 to 20 minutes a day. In your first month do as much connecting as you can manage, social networks have become extremely intuitive nowadays so you can easily find groups that are suited to your industry. Stick with the two most popular platforms, Twitter and FaceBook, later on you can setup profiles on other social networks to link up with your blog or website. As you gain more followers the task of building up relationships will get easier and your time will become much more productive.

Productivity Tools

There are many free and paid social media productivity applications and services that you can use to speed things up. Services like Social Oomph can completely automate your social media marketing and save you a bundle of time in the process.

I have written about Hootsuite before which is an excellent browser based application that can hold multiple Twitter and FaceBook accounts. You can also schedule tweets from Hootsuite over a long period. One of the best aspects of Hootsuite is their browser applet that allows you to share links from all of your Twitter, FaceBook and PingFM accounts with only one login.

A popular Firefox add-on called Shareaholic has numerous sharing options for bookmarking and sharing as well as blogging, publishing, emailing links, and link shortening choices. It can also save you a lot of valuable space on your browser menu bar and toolbar.

Blog Commenting

Blogs are part of the social media mix as well and shouldn’t be ignored after all in its truest sense blogging is a social activity. Disqus and Intense Debate are two cross platform plugins available to bloggers which encourages communication and helps in sharing articles across the web.

No matter what service you are signed up to you are bound to have browser applets and sharing buttons available to you wherever you surf, Twitter and FaceBook are the most popular by far with their tweet this and like buttons. Google, Yahoo, AOL or MSN account holders all have applets and sharing options built into their services. So make use of all these sharing options and be more productive.

A good habit to form is sharing other peoples links and articles and not just your own, this will pay off over the long term.

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