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Does have the answer you’re looking for? Well its early days but this looks quite promising. The format isn’t new and you will be aware of other similar services like Yahoo Answers and there are many other sites like eHow to that fill in this popular online community need. What this community does do however is share the AdSense revenue with its members tip sheets.

TipDrop was created by Jonathan Leger a well known SEO marketer who I have written about before about his recent sale. This new offering by Jonathon Leger has all the hallmarks of success: because he already has a thriving blog community. You can guess that his launching of this site has been done with professional aplomb. The whole concept of TipDrop is focused driven content and it has experts from many different fields.


Why Use TipDrop?

Unlike other micro blogging platforms, TipDrop creates focused sets of useful information on specific concepts. No wasting time reading what somebody had for breakfast here. They also give you the option of keeping 75% of all ad-revenues generated from the tip sheets you create.

Credibility Engine

TipDrop has a built in credibility engine that keeps the best answers and tips on top and keeps the dross out of the system. You build credibility by adding tips that other people like and vote for.

Once you sign up to post tips you get your own little space to put your profile on along with your preferred links. The whole setup is very much like Twitter but just more focused and more specific which is a nice change from “what I ate for breakfast tweets”

Once you are logged in you can vote tips up or down, this then adds or detracts to the individuals credibility score. There are to date 26 different categories that you can surf through form Internet Marketing to Pregnancy & ParentingScience & MathematicsSocial Science. Overall the site does have a nice feel to it and there are plenty of very helpful tips. The only drawback that I can see is that it’s not social enough. I mean it doesn’t have any chat reply setup, so unless the user leaves his or her Twitter link then there’s no way to network. That being said I didn’t come across any user who hadn’t left either their Twitter or website link.

If your ever stuck for that elusive answer then TwitDrop is well worth visiting.

Have any thoughts? Feel free to leave yours.

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