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Three Tools For Products Sourcing On EBay - Using Seller Central

You could have already learned that selling on eBay can be fun and profitable. Nevertheless after you’ve cleared your garage and attic, and auctioned off everything your husband owns, where can you go to find new product ideas?

Tapping into eBay’s Resources

A lot of people don’t understand that eBay itself is actually a terrific place to find product sourcing ideas. Besides becoming an easy selling venue with built-in traffic, it also contains a goldmine of useful data about what that traffic would like to buy. One of eBay’s best-kept secrets is their Seller Central page. Very few people, even PowerSellers, understand this valuable resource. Consequently, not many people are taking advantage of the various tools available there:

* The merchandising calendar - this is a great spot to receive sourcing leads since it demonstrates to you specifically what products eBay will be promoting over the next few months. It provides you with dates and informs you which item categories you should list your product in for it to be displayed on eBay’s homepage. When a user clicks on that item, your auction will pop right up.

* The hot items section - this can be basically a monthly trend-watching report. It informs you what items are moving, producing more bids, and getting higher final prices. It lets you get a feel for where the demand is.

Whether you’re looking for products at a trade show or a rummage sale, Janelle Elms, of eBay University, recommends, “Print this report and keep it with you always.” She explains, “If you have no idea what to consider, this helps direct and maintain your mind focused to what’s moving on eBay.”

* The hot categories section - this resource takes the top categories and provides you with tips on how to sell in those categories, insider secrets about your buyers, and trending info. For each category, there is a section called ‘In Demand’ that informs you not just the top-selling items in that category, and also the top keywords that buyers are using to locate these items. Use those keywords in your listing titles. In case you have any left over, insert them in your description. Essentially, eBay notify you what to sell and then informs you how best to list it.

Catering to Your Customers

Advises Elms, “Don’t ever attempt to sell to the buyer what you believe they need to own.” Users are already letting you know what they would like to purchase - you need to simply listen. These power tools explain to you what consumers are saying they need and how they’re saying they wish to find it. EBay users are ready to spend some money with you - all you should do is give them what they’re searching for.

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