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How to Trade the Stock Market from Home

This is my idea of heaven, trading stocks from home and making a comfortable living. Is it possible?  There will be plenty of enthusiastic home traders that will no doubt agree that it is and who are already make a good living from trading stocks and commodities. There must be thousands of individuals who have put their kids through college or university by profiting through the markets. I haven’t been near stocks since the late 80s; in fact I remember getting out just before Black Monday in 87. Ever since then I am very reluctant to go back, I count myself lucky that I didn’t lose my shirt.

Today’s Trading Conditions

Today’s markets can be quite as volatile as they were in the late eighties but with today’s intelligent trading software you can set all kinds of buy or sell limits. So you can safely trade with peace of mind, in all kinds of stocks and commodities, as long as you don’t go beyond your limits. It’s important to have all the latest up to the minute financial data and there are numerous online services available. Two of these trading sites are WizeTrade and eToro, both have excellent subscription options and are choc full of interactive trading tools and free downloads.


Our proprietary software, which takes complex market information and simplifies it into red-light, green-light indicators and easy-to-follow charts. Trading in the marketplace may seem complicated, especially to the first-time investor; but we make trading simple! In a very short time, this software and our training can help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to make informed trading decisions with confidence.

A Wizetrade Orientation Trainer, who is 100 percent dedicated to getting you up and running and assisting you in learning how to trade. This one-on-one attention is our ongoing commitment to make sure you can reach and exceed your investing goals.

A free subscription to Wizetrade TV ($99/month value). Submit your trades’ live-in-the-market to be reviewed by our on-air experts, or watch other viewers submit their trades - available right through your PC. No other investor education company can offer you this.


  • It’s Simple!The eToro forex platform is designed to make the online forex market understandable to traders on their first trade. You only need a $50 deposit to get started.
  • It’s Visual!The eToro forex software displays your trades using dynamic visualizations, so you can literally watch your trades go.
  • It’s Educational!Hone your forex trading craft by using our eToro’s online forex tutorials, trading guides and unlimited practice mode with live forex rates.

If you’re a forex trading expert, we think you’ll love eToro because:

  • It’s User-Friendly!The eToro platform has a remarkably intuitive interface that enables you to forget about fumbling with bulky forex software and focus exclusively on your trades.
  • It’s Professional!The eToro forex software provides you with all the forex trading tools you need: online forex charts, graphs, financial updates, trading orders and leverages ranging from 1:10 to 1:400.
  • It’s Reliable!eToro is operated by leading online forex brokers who make sure that your forex trades are executed with precision and offer low spreads - as low as 2 pips.
  • eToro is also a Community!We also think that you’ll enjoy our various community features including public and private chats, a lively online forex forum, and our weekly prize bearing forex trading challenges.

Both of the above sites have excellent training courses that will guide you carefully through the different trading options available. I don’t presume to say that trading stocks is for everyone, but I would definitely consider using it as an added revenue stream. If you take a closer look at your pension or any equity plan that you own then you are already part of the stock market. The big advantage of online trading is freedom to make informed decisions on where your money gets invested. If you are new to trading stocks be sure to tread carefully and read the training manuals.

Any suggestions or questions? Please feel free to leave a comment


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