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Using Tweet Deck More effectively

I was scrolling through Google Reader and came across this interesting post from Darren Rowse over at Twitip. This is a really great way to be more productive with your twitter followers and narrow down the people and the information that you want to read. It’s also a great way to build up your followers to the thousands. I have often wondered how Twitterers with thousands of followers manage to keep up with so many followers. The video below shows you how a couple of simple easy steps can make your day a lot more productive. Since I started implementing these methods, in just a couple of hours I gained 25 new followers, by using the TwitScoop (Buzzing Right Now) section of TweetDeck. So by clicking on hot tags that are being discussed on twitter I get transported straight to TwitScoop where I can dialogue with new twitter users.




I especially liked the filtering options that save you a lot of time, so have a go for yourself and see if it makes a difference to your twitter travels. There are a lot of people who still don’t use twitter and probably wonder what all the fuss is about, I can tell you I was once in that position, but once you get into the daily routine of say an hour a day you can realistically add 20 to 30 new followers a day which is around 300 a month. Once you get to a high level, say in the thousands then you don’t need a college degree to see what a difference this makes to you marketing efforts.




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