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Twitter Conversations can be tedious

This short article is a reminder for anyone who has ever had to hold down a conversation on Twitter, not an easy task especially if it’s a shared group session. The trouble with Twitter is they should really have been named because as we all know Twitter is a contradiction in terms of conversation fluency. As a marketing ploy Twitter does have its uses and if your conversation strikes a chord can have significant rewards.

Thankfully there are adequate resources elsewhere when you want to instigate a conversation of any length. The article isn’t mind blowing but does have some useful tips for beginners.

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How to Conduct a Tweet Chat for Your Business or Brand

To promote our recent book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to

Facebook, my co-author, Joe Kraynak, and I participated in a ‘Tweet Chat’ (also

called a Tweetchat) about Facebook. If you have never heard of Tweet Chats and

have no idea of what they are, just think of them as online, real-time

conversations broadcast via Twitter. They are typically held at a pre-arranged

time, among a group of Twitter users, using a specific Twitter hashtag-such as

#AskCIG-to identify the discussion and

Twitter users are invited to ask questions via tweets using the designated


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