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Twitter improves your Following and Followers Pages but is plagued by Spam

This new upgrade to your twitter home page now let’s you scroll through your followers and people following you. It’s a much more convenient format to check who’s following you with an easy click and follow action; you can now block and unfollow with ease. Of course you can still use email alerts from twitter or Topify, but with this new twitter interface your workload is made much easier.

It’s taken a while for Twitter to improve their main home page for users, relying mostly on other API developers. I expect twitter will eventually introduce advertising revenue by way of partnerships with other popular twitter developers. Expect to see some form of ad integration on your Twitter home page in the coming months; it’s just too big an opportunity to pass up forever.

Is there Competition for Twitter?

Of course there is, you can see it from FaceBook for instance who have rushed in a draft of new changes to offset the twitter phenomenon including public content sharingprofile fansreal-time search, and brand new privacy changes. Other big players like Google and MySpace are following on with their own raft of changes to entice new users.

Developers Rejoice

Twitter Inspires a Dedicated and thriving developer community

There’s no shortage of developers producing online and desktop applications to enhance user experience. The TweetDeck is my preferred desktop application and I make use of various other online services, see previous article (Twitter Productivity tools) there has been an absolute explosion of Twitter applications with many independent companies jumping on the bandwagon. This trend shows no sign of slowing down and many smart Internet Marketers have been quick to cash in.

Building your followers

If you have had more than a passing interest in Twitter over the last few months then it won’t have escaped your notice the different options open to you to increase your followers. There is not a day that goes by without seeing tweets about how you can dramatically increase your followers. All of these tweets have one thing in common and one aim in mind, to cash in. If you ever wondered just how effective some of these claims are then just check out the followers who have barely started on Twitter yet have thousands of followers. They are easy to spot; usually they have only a small amount of updates on their timeline.

Services like TweetLater are a prime example of how you can boost your followers.

Twitter history

So far we have heard that Twitter will eventually be swallowed up by one of the big networks like FaceBook or Google. Since it’s a real time micro-blog network that has a proven track record it will only be a matter of time before investor’s cash in. Personally I would like to see it remain independent because competition is healthy and better for the wider Internet audience.

Twitter Spam

This is going to be Twitter’s biggest concern, because spam is tenacious and damaging. As I write this article my Twitter account along with thousands of other legitimate accounts has been suspended due to a massive spamcloud attack.

TweeLater Statement

Sunday, July 5th, 2009: A lot of people with legitimate Twitter accounts are currently suffering from having their accounts suspended (late Sunday afternoon).

It is not TweetLater’s doing or fault. So, please do not submit a TweetLater support request about it.

We just heard back from Twitter via email, and they said : “Spamcloud hit. We’re working on restoring accounts.

We just need to be patient. The suspended accounts will be restored.

It’s a never ending battle, but lessons have to be learned from these types of mass spam attacks. There needs to be a concerted effort from Twitter to implement more safeguards against this type of spam attack.

Twitter is a huge success and will only get bigger as long as they invest wisely in its structure and its users without which they would be dead in the water.

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