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Using Twitter to Increase Revenue

Does twitter increase your online revenue? For me it’s hard to be sure, although there must be a knock on effect through AdSense and other affiliate links. There are many services that utilize the Twitter machine to blast ads out over the network, but to be effective you will have to have either a highly targeted following or at least 5000 followers. Although this article is about revenue through twitter it must be said that the primary reason I use Twitter is networking and reciprocal traffic.

Twitter themselves will start drip feeding ads onto your home page; most of the ads initially will redirect to twitter service pages. At the moment the side bar is only used for your stats and trending topics but will fill up with ads in the near future. When they do open the floodgates there will be a stampede of hungry advertisers snapping up twitter profiles. I suspect the higher the following the higher the cost for ads. With millions already invested in Twitter there should be no shortage of contextually targeted ads to profiles. Here then is another opportunity for Twitter to cash in by offering ad free profile pages at a premium. Perhaps this last option is too risky because it may well loose them followers, who known’s, what do you think?

Twitter Blog: Does Twitter Hate Advertising?

Twitters Quote “to say we are philosophically opposed to any and all advertising is incorrect.”

Posting your own twitter ads

Quite frankly I think this is the best option to gain traffic and generate revenue, after all a catchy title will trigger a click rather than a title with AD at the end of it. It’s all about funneling your prospect into a sticky environment that may lead to a signup or at least another click on AdSense. Your own articles are also the funnel which may lead to more signups and revenue. I use a lot of RSS feeds for my Twitter timeline but also try to surf the web and tweet interesting sites.

Monetize Your Twitter Profile (targeted ads)

Here’s a few of the alternative advertisement services for Twitter




Be a magpie

Twitter User Tip #1: Use for Classified Ads

Let’s not forget what Twitter was originally intended for, and that is to connect and interact with people from all over the world. It’s hard not monetize such a popular networking application, and as any IM will tell you you’d be a fool not to.

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