Twitter Success is just around the corner!

I thought I would share some twitter resources that can help you to automate the most common actions like messaging and RSS. Now let it be known that I am still fairly new to twitter and I still have a long way to go to reach the heady heights of the top twitters that have tens of thousands of followers. I consider twitter to be an important element when it comes to networking and is an invaluable tool to use for your work at home venture.

It’s a good idea to pick out an open id to use with your various twitter services, once you have picked one (it can be blogger, WordPress or a Technorati open id) it’s much easier to login. For the uninitiated an OpenID is a shared identity service, which allows Internet users to log on to many different web sites using a single digital identity.

Twitter Autoresponder

Tweet Later!

This tool is very useful for automating your responses and gives the option to include a link to your blog or an affiliate program. It’s a quick way to say thank you for following me and you might be interested in this ….free resource or product. Don’t overdo it though and try to keep the free resource to their particular profile. Free reports are quite responsive; I have read many a useful report myself which have led to signups and further business. The service let’s you broadcast messages to all your twitter followers at once or in the future.

Twitter RSS Blog Feed

Twitter Feed

This is a great way to broadcast your blog posts automatically, sign up for an account and login using your open id. Once signed in simply insert your blogs RSS URL, the system will then search for your feed and once confirmed will check your blog’s feed and post any new items to your twitter account. You can setup more than one feed and you don’t have to login all the time, once its setup that’s it.

Looking for business? Then try out the Twitter Search Engine whether you are searching for leads or just searching for fun then check this site out.

Twitter Search is another you can try out, this site covers various trends and has an advanced search option, and you can also install the plugin to extend your browsers search choices.


Works via the Adobe air application that you will have to download, I haven’t used this particular tool, but I have used the adobe air application which is pretty cool. I presume twitter local operates by entering your location and pooling followers together. Anybody who does use it let me know what it’s like.

There an absolute truckload of twitter extensions to use particularly for Mozilla based browsers here are just a few of them.

TwitterFox (My preferred FF extension)

Twitbin is a firefox extension that allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser sidebar. Send messages; receive messages, share links, and more from Twitbin, the best twitter add-on for firefox out there.

TwittyTunes is a Foxy Tunes companion Firefox extension - it allows you to post your currently playing songs to Twitter with a click. As a bonus, you can also post the websites you’re visiting, videos you’re watching and more!

Ludicrous “Post to Twitter” is a search plugin for Mozilla Firefox which allows you to quickly post statuses (or “tweets”) to your Twitter account from the Firefox search bar. It is not an extension - it is a Firefox Search Engine. This means you can activate and install it in about five seconds, and start using it straight away without having to restart Firefox.

Twitterbar allows you to post from your address bar, good for saving space.

Power Twitter for the twitter junkie or power user, this pumped up tool allows for a lot more integration for your twitter page and includes … site description…adds features to the Twitter Web interface including:

search scoped to a specific user
status history peeking on mouseover
FaceBook status updates
inline YouTube, Flickr, and TwitPic
url expansion
url translation to page titles
open web update (news feed) mapping

So that’s your lot for now, just a little peek at the ever expanding twitter phenomenon.

Will twitter be as big as FaceBook? What do you think!

Extensions for Google Chrome coming in May, about time!

Web Work At Home Internet Marketing

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Bill Masson @ Web-Work At Home

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10 comments to Twitter Success is just around the corner!

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  • Home Business MarketingNo Gravatar

    Great post! It’s surprising that you’re still fairly new to twitter! From the info you’ve revealed in this post it shows that you’re a twitter geek and you’ll soon make an authority on twitter.

    Thanks the tools you mentioned will be trying out some of them soonest.

    • Bill Masson (WWAH)No Gravatar

      Hello, Well that’s the first time that i have been called a geek “lol” Maybe I am just a little on the modest side. Although when you see some of what i call power twitters out there with thousands of followers you get the idea?

      Hey thanks for the comment

      Bill Masson (WWAH)’s last blog post..February Resell Rights Latest

  • I don’t use Twitter all that much and am glad. Looks like you could spend a couple of hours a day with all the tools available now. I do like the autopost to twitter when my wordpress blogs update, that’s a keeper cause it reduces promotion time.

    • Bill Masson (WWAH)No Gravatar

      Hello and welcome to the discussion,
      Yes i can see where your coming from, twitter is not for everyone but it can still be used as you say to broadcast your blog feed. If you check out it has some great auto submit options.
      Thanks for the comment

    • Home Business MarketingNo Gravatar

      I think the most important thing is knowing what you want and focusing on that. You don’t have to use all the tools available. I personally use the auto poster and occasionally visit the site to do some posts. From experience I know that very soon twitter will be saturated just as other internet marketing tools and strategies have become saturated already. The best thing is to step in now that it’s the buzz thing!

  • Peter LeeNo Gravatar

    Hi Mason,

    I’m fairly new to Twitter myself, but I’ve lately seen so much written about Twitter, contests, even learned a few names too like Twestival(festival) and Twitterview(interview). It’s hard to ignore it these days even if you wanted to. I think it’s going to remain as the most talked about topic for a long time. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post..Here’s A Smarter Link Building Strategy To Get Top Search Engine Ranking

    Peter Lee’s last blog post..Here’s A Smarter Link Building Strategy To Get Top Search Engine Ranking

    • Bill Masson (WWAH)No Gravatar

      Hello Lee welcome to the discussion,
      Yes twitter is quite a talking point isn’t it, I would say it is “twitter- fabulous” I think eventually twitter will branch out and integrate more user friendly social applications similar to FaceBook or StumbleUpon, they may introduce a premium service to allow for clickable links on your main page.

      Thanks for the comment

      Bill Masson (WWAH)’s last blog post..PayLoadz Best Value For Selling your Downloads


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