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I recently read a really good post about twitter entitled (Show your soul & engage users). The post opened up my eyes, there is a lot more to twitter if used in the right way. For me twitter has been a bit of a love hate relationship, and by that I mean that I detest the mundane useless claptrap of peoples everyday tasks, which are of absolute no use to me what so ever and give no real value to any user. Now before you start reaching for the un-follow link and banish me to the trashcan I do understand that there are people who use twitter only to chat. For me the main use of twitter is for my Blog posts which are set in twitter-feed. I do occasionally tweet if I see something on the web that is of use to other twitters.

Don’t Spam, this is one rule that I believe in, sure I occasionally tweet about an offer or two but most of my blog posts have the relevant offers and information, if anybody who follows me has a disproportionate amount of followers to following then I don’t follow. I try to follow people who have the same interests but do occasionally follow other interests including music, nature, fitness and Sci-Fi.

Updating; How often

Every day apart from Sunday, my one “Internet Free Day” is when I get out of the house and chill out. I know that some twitterers never stop and this can be OK if it’s useful to them. I do feel that some people are obsessive and treat twitter like a mobile phone texting excessively. Whatever rocks your boat!

Finding The Latest popular chat

If I am in the mood and have time then I usually use twitter search to see what’s hot, it’s quite surprising what you come across, from conflicts across the globe to the latest fashion trends, pretty much anything you have an interest in you can find.

Helping Other People

This does give me a lot of satisfaction knowing that your tweet has helped or solved a problem is a great boost, and hopefully you will receive just reward by gaining new followers.


Has never been my strong point, but I do try; maybe I’m just too hard to please. My biggest drawback is my workload; I just do not have the time to constantly twitter. I do know that I will have to change this and communicate in a more user friendly manner; it does pay dividends in the end.

Integrating Twitter on your other networks

This is something I do as a matter of default; every social network has its own live feed that you can slot in your different social handles.

You’re Twitter Profile

It’s a good idea to write an eye catching profile so you want to include some personal likes and dislikes and try not to focus on just one interest. I don’t always practice what I preach and I do play around and change my profile every now and again.

My Profile

Bill Masson, Online marketer & blogger from Edinburgh, tweet my blog posts and anything I find Interesting on the web, enjoy following other twitters of value.

What I have noticed from a lot of other people using twitter is their excellent use of the background image; at the moment my background is a futuristic scene that doesn’t make use of the prime online real estate. You only need to look at Darren Rowse or Chris Brogan to see the benefits of including more information. So I will have to look for some relevant backgrounds, Checkout this great post from Darren Rowse over at TwiTip.

Everybody has their own take on twitter and you get out what you put in, hopefully in the coming months I can spruce up my twitter page and build some followers. Let me know what you think.

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