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Do you have the “U Comment I Follow” Rule in place, and if so do you inform your visitors? I myself have had this rule since I started blogging and believe that it is a good practice to follow. (-: You can grab an image to display on your blog to catch the attention of hungry link grabbing bloggers.

The “No Follow Rule” as opposed to “Do Follow” doesn’t give any linkjuice from Google or other search engines for leaving a comment on your blog. I think this is pretty mean, after all someone has taken the time to leave a comment about their views, and doesn’t get any thanks for it  )-: I think they should be acknowledged for their contribution.

There definitely seems to be a core group of Bloggers who use the Do Follow attribute, from the small amount of research that I did, there were several blogs that were actively supporting this rule. During my travels I discovered quite a few blogs that purely devoted their blog to “Do Follow” Directories. A lot of these blog directories have anywhere from 200 to 800 blogs that use the Do Follow Rule on their list.
For sure it makes sense to register with these blog directories which apart from the reciprocal linking can bring in other bloggers to leave comments on your articles.

What about all the other blogs out there who don’t have the “Do Follow Rule”? I suspect many of these blogs are high traffic so don’t require using this plugin. There will be a lot of bloggers who believe that they will be leaking out to many links if they allow the “Do Follow Rule” and I can see their point to some extent. We are always being told how much the search engines love blogs, because of their social networking and constant communication on a huge scale, so shouldn’t search engines then encourage this “Do Follow Rule”? I suspect they do. As for spam I don’t think this makes any difference at all, spammers will always find a way in.

One good tip I use is to get inventive with “alt” tags for your images, if you hover over the “U Comment I Follow” image on my about page you will see the tag I have placed on this Image. Now this won’t show up on Google’s main search engine, but it will show up on Google’s Image search which in turn will bring in more visitors.

There are of course other plugins that have quite a bit of popularity these include CommentLuv and Top Commenter I have always supported these types of plugins and use them on my blog. When visitors read a post and see the commenter’s last post assuming the comment has piqued their interest, then there is a higher probability that they will click the link; the same might not be said for the Top Commenter List, as the search engines don’t crawl the sidebars and they disappear or are replaced every month, nice eye candy though for the busy commenter.

If you want to find out more about the “Do Follow Rule” and what other bloggers are saying about it then follow (-: these links below.

Here is Googles search result for do follow blogs and U Comment I Follow

Other Do Follow Directories

Resources & Plugins

Top Commenter


Negatives: Andy Beard

SEO 2.0

I have formulated quite strict instructions as to how you should comment here but many people fail to follow those simple common sense rules and get their comments removed for breaching my commenting guidelines. Also I’m amazed at how people apparently assume that blog commenting is a viable link building strategy in the first place. Why?

Quite an amazing list of blogs that either agree or disagree with “Do Follow” stretching back over the years; you can grab some cool icons to put on your blog or just click on my image on the sidebar, I use PhotoBucket to generate the html, or simply go to Randa Clay Design.

So do you follow? Please feel free to leave a comment

Thanks’ for reading

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  • You said that Top commenter does not register with google? I have found it does register in Yahoo. I have left several comments on some blogs and become one of their top commenters. One blog I ended up with 100 links for only 8 comments to become one of their top commenters.

    Is it commenters, commentators, or commentors? lol

    Rick imby’s last blog post..Answer Analylst Review

    • Bill Masson (WWAH)No Gravatar

      I didn’t mention Top commenter, what i meant was that if you dont use the dofollow plugin you wont get any links from the Search Engines. For sure if you pick a dofollow blog and go beserk with your commenting then you may well get backlinks. This is still up for discussion as to whether it is an effective linking method, you may well see the search engines banning your i.D in the future if not now.

      Bill Masson (WWAH)’s last blog post..ChatToText is a scam

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    • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

      Hello Alesha
      I am sure you can click through some of the links and look for yourself. How about making some suggestions? And that goes for everybody who leaves a comment on this page. I know a lot of visitors only leave one liners just to get a link. Be a little more constructive and share your knowledge, it doesn’t cost anything!

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