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Using Triggit Inline Text Ads

Just another ad network or perhaps something else!

I just added Triggit to my network, now initially I had reservations about adding text links because of slow page loads and clashes with Google T.O.S. Another reason I didn’t like using them was the hover bubbles that appear, personally for me this distracts the reader and spoils the concentration. Another plus in my books is the one underline as opposed to the traditional two underlines used by the likes of kontera, to date there are no issues with Google’s T.O.S.

The Triggit Ads on WWAH came on right away but are yet to show up on any other blogs and websites in my network. WWAH was the WordPress Blog that I used when I signed up to Triggit so perhaps this is normal and in due course ads will appear on the rest of my network.

What got my interest piqued were Jeremy Schoemaker 98 comments not bad for feedback (-: his interview with Triggit’s CEO Zach recently convinced me to try it out.
There was a lot of negative feedback from Schoemaker’s comments, mostly on technical issues, but I have had no problem thus far. WordPress integration was a little bit tricky; you have to put the JavaScript in to the header for it to appear throughout your blog. By far the easiest platform to install the code is Blogger which as usual for Google is automated.

Triggit Overview
Using Triggit you get paid for connecting your users to websites that are related to your content. Triggit automatically creates links in your text that point to relevant pages that your users will find useful.

What kind of Ads
Triggit currently works with dozens of providers with millions of in-text ads from content links, to search, products, related information and more!

Triggit pays you every two months (net-60) in $USD via PayPal once your balance gets over $25.00. To get paid, make sure you have all your contact information and tax reporting information completed fully.

So to round off I will be monitoring the campaign to see if it works for me, if the results are bad I will pull it off and move on.
Let me know if you have tried Triggit or any other text ad supplier. Thanks’ for reading

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2 comments to Using Triggit Inline Text Ads

  • Aoi

    Never heard of Triggit but sounds like it’ll be worth looking at. Perhaps even trying, if it doesn’t conflict with the AdSense TOS. Inline ads often perform quite well (I’ve had some success with inline ads through Amazon Associates), so this is a great find.


  • MaxNo Gravatar

    @Aoi, Hi there,
    Yes i was a bit concerned myself so i emailed admin at Triggit and below is their reply >>
    Our links are Javascript so they don’t pass any link juice. I talked with Matt Cutts (he manages these things are Google) about it quite a bit and he assures me we are not in violation of the TOS in any way.

    On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 4:47 AM, maxhomebits wrote:
    Hi There,
    I am a little concerned about the clash with Gooles tos. Can you clarify. (below is an excerpt from ProBlogger)

    “”"”However the Text Link Ad selling industry came crashing down (to some extent) late in 2007 when Google took the step of penalizing many websites and blogs (some quite high profile ones) for the practice of selling text links. They see selling of text links as people trying to game or manipulate their ranking system and if they find people doing it - issue penalties which can hurt your search engine ranking. “”"”"

    Best Regards, Bill Masson

    So as you can see an explanation of sorts allthough a bit on the short side. Will see how it pans out.


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