Tekiki: Tips On Finding Domain Names

domain name

Finding an available domain name, however, is very challenging. Domain squatters snap up catchy or appealing domains, holding onto them like real estate but with no intent to build on their digital property. Their goal is to wait until an interested party steps forward and matches their asking price. Because squatters can operate domains for cheap — dollars per year — they can afford to amass acres of domains while waiting for attractive bids. Asking prices often run in the thousands of dollars, and reach millions of dollars for coveted domains.

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WordPress Cloud Hosting for the 1st time

WordPress Cloud Hosting

After using shared and VPS service hosting for a while I wanted to try out the cloud, this article is about my 1st time experience. What is the cloud? Well it’s not those fluffy things in the sky but they do have one thing in common with cloud computing, they’re both in several places at the same time. Cloud computing utilizes servers or big computers around the world. Cloud services offer a range of publishing platforms like WordPress and also file storage for business or individuals. The main benefit you get is more reliability with next to no downtime because if one server goes down another one will take over, that’s the main selling point RELIABILITY, and cost is also beneficial. To get started I made use of AWS (amazon web services) and Bitnami.

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Free Website Hosting for the masses or…

Website hosting for those that don’t know is service that provides accessibility for anyone visiting your website, blog, commerce sites or any online presence you may have. In simple terms there are two types of hosting available, you have free hosting and paid hosting. Many of you may already be using free hosting if you use the likes of Blogger or WordPress.com. For those of you that require more space, bandwidth and control over your online endeavors then a paid service offers you more flexibility.


Free Website Hosting


If you are new to the web and you want

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How to choose a search engine friendly Domain Name

Before you begin your search for a new domain name its worth noting that picking a domain name that is search engine friendly will pay dividends in the long run. Search engines are what makes or breaks your website so choosing a keyword rich domain name that gives relevancy to people who are searching for what you’re selling is extremely important. Getting your web pages ranked higher requires focus on core keywords related to your business. A user friendly website address will help you attract a targeted audience which will in turn increase your conversions or turn over more sales

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