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How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers

How Twitter Awareness Builds your Followers

Twitter for Marketers is a valuable and useful tool for promotion but this could be its undoing. Twitters original concept was for genuine communication between people young or old. It now seems that the biggest users that drive the bulk of the Twitter traffic make up only 5% of users, the rest of the traffic is generated by auto bots, RSS feeds etcetera. That 5% mentioned earlier are hard core marketers, so you have to assume by these figures that Twitter will fail to grow beyond its present levels. What do you think? Does twitter need to revamp its image or change the way it portrays itself? It does raise a lot of interesting questions on its future.

Who’s talking about this? (Amplify thread)

This is a great post from Murray Newlands on how Twitter can transform your online presence. If you are serious about progressing in your online business then twitter has to be part of that business. There are so many ways to connect with people that can help you boost your promotions. This is especially true if you are working from home.

It’s not about just blindly posting affiliate links to sales pages, you need to get creative and engage your audience. I recently read a post from Eric Goldstein that gave some sobering facts about Twitter in regards to just who is actively using the micro blogging platform. As popular as Twitter is it still needs to reach out especially to the younger generation.

So go read Murray Newlands post and pick up some great tips.

The profile on Twitter has six parts: Name, Location, Web, Bio and your Following/Followers count. Use your “Web” slot to link to your personal or business blog. If someone likes your Tweets, they need to be able to quickly find out who you are and how to learn more. Your link should add value to the experience rather than be a direct link to a sales site. The “Bio” section is a quick description of you- choose keywords that show personality.


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