WordPress versus other Content Management Systems

So it seems that WordPress is getting a bit of a bashing from some well-known authority sites, in Gary-Adam Shannon’s article over at Search Engine Watch he proclaims to all WordPress users that it sucks and wouldn’t you be better off with an alternative CMS. The title to be fair is just another link baiting draw… here’s the title “WordPress Sucks: Impress Search Engines With These Alternatives” You have to give him credit on his use of an evocative title that’s sure to get irate WordPress users foaming at the mouth.

WordPress Alternative CMS

In the aforementioned article the WordPress alternative CMS are a bit thin on the ground In fact the article is pretty pathetic in content overall, but I presume that this was part of the set up. Hell anything to grab traffic regardless of consequences. The biggest draw for WordPress and what makes it so popular is its ease of use that why so many millions use it, but this is also a draw for the spammers and hackers (the bad kind)

Keeping WordPress secure

I’m sure you’ve seen the news over the last couple of months about WordPress security vulnerabilities. This is nothing new and will continue regardless what CMS you use. It’s fair to say that the main groups of users being compromised are those who don’t keep their WordPress sites up to date. There are a multitude of plugins available to protect your site from spammers and hackers, ‘LET’S be clear’ nothing is 100% secure especially online no matter what CMS you use.

Keep your WordPress site up to date

It’s a sound piece of advice that is simple to do; you just have to get in to the habit. Most WordPress sites will have at least four to six updates a month depending on your set up, there is always a spike to this number when a major upgrade or security patch is imminent or implemented from WordPress.org.


One thing’s for sure WordPress will grow and prosper because it rocks and I for one will continue to use it for a long time to come.

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