Work For The Tech Savvy

“The wonderful benefits of having the knowledge”

Tech savvy individuals can earn money online right from the comfort of their own home by setting up websites for hapless individuals who want nothing more than to have their website but have absolutely no technical skills whatsoever. Many people would love nothing better than to have a website in which to sell products or even voice political or social views. There are many reasons why individuals want websites, not all of them have to do with business and selling. However, most individuals are willing to pay someone to set up a website for them.

Someone with the knowledge of the computer skills needed to not only design a full functioning website but also knows how to register the domain name and get a server can really make a lot of money advertising their services both online and on free ad lists such as Craig’s List. In addition to charging to set up the website, an individual can charge clients a fee for maintaining and hosting the website. There is really no end to making money at home on the internet for anyone who knows anything about computers.

In addition to setting up individual websites, a tech savvy independent entrepreneur can also use his or her skills to set up websites for local businesses. This may require soliciting local businesses, but once you get a few businesses to use your skills, you will be well on your way to having a booming online work from home business. You can charge business clients a bit more than you do individuals and chances are that they will need more help in maintaining the business website. A few business websites to maintain will be enough to get you started in your own online business.

Another option for a tech savvy individual with rudimentary writing skills is to write about technical issues for one of the many online writing sites that offer upfront money for articles about computer issues and technical advice. Use your knowledge of computers to make money for you in many different ways online, right from the comfort of your own home.

Technical writers are always in demand online. Technical writers tend to make more money than other writers online, particularly those who are experts in a certain technical field. If you consider yourself a computer expert, have the knowledge of how to set up websites and use codes to create graphics, you can make a nice living selling your services and knowledge to others online.
There is no limit as to how many people will want to use your services, particularly if you continue to educate yourself about any new technology in the computer world. Potential customers can include everyone from those in Fortune 500 companies to individual who want to sell items on Ebay but do not know how to use HTML codes to make their auctions stand out. And advertising your services can be done with ease and very little expense.

One way to promote such a business is to contact people who are struggling to make a living on online auctions with poorly written and unattractive auction pages. You can contact them through e-mail and send them a sample of what their page could look like if you were designing the auction page for them.
Another way to promote your business is to take a look at some of the smaller websites online that look poorly constructed. Offer your services as an expert website designer to those individuals or businesses and give them samples of what their website could look like.
If you are selling a service, such as website design, you should have a website of your own that is state of the art where you can refer potential customers. This can give people an idea of what you can do - it is similar to a resume.

Payments to you for your services can be done through Paypal or other online escrow services. You need never even leave your home and can have a thriving career right online in your own living room!
Anyone who wants to promote a service online must use every avenue available to sell that service. Advertising is not as effective as contacting customers directly and building a rapport with them. If you can get them to take a look at your work, you can get them hooked.

As for selling your technical expertise by writing, there are hundreds of different websites online who will be glad to pay you for your knowledge, even if your writing is not perfect. Associated Content is one that will pay writers for technical knowledge. Get a Freelancer is another website where someone with technical knowledge can get hundreds of freelance writing jobs relating to technical issues and computer knowledge. The sites pay directly to an online account or to Paypal and you do not have to even leave the comfort of your home. Best of all, you can work as hard as you want and the sky is the limit as to how much you can make.

There are many people online who will be glad to pay you for your knowledge, whether you actually do the work for them by setting up and maintaining a website, or write about different technological issues, there is plenty in demand for anyone with technical knowledge to share that knowledge. Those who have the knowledge can name their price and work online from the comfort of their own home, making a good living.

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