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Work From Home

It can be extremely difficult to find the right method to work from home due to the growing amount of scam sites and programs on the internet. It is still possible to make good bank safely and scam free with the right information.

You read all the hype about these amazing people making $50 to $100 dollars an hour working at home from their computers. The ads always make it seem like they work 2 hours and get paid for 10 at these incredible rates. I see this kind of targeting going on at every turn on the work from home job front. 99% of the time people that buy into these scams never make a cent. This leaves a bad taste in their mouths and they blog or tell their neighbors that all work from home jobs are scams, which in most causes they are.

Anyone and everyone would love to believe that life can be easier than what it really is. I always tell people to use their heads. No one will pay you $100 for doing a survey and pay this rate for every survey. Now you can make extra money with surveys, but it is work. Nor will anyone pay you $100 an hour to enter data on a computer. The computer is about the easiest skill for someone to learn. If typing on a computer was as hard as brain surgery, then you might get that rate. It boil’s down to understanding that if you want to make good money online, you must work for yourself. That means creating websites, marketing products, recruiting marketers, building partnerships, creating clients and customers, so on.

The only option that offers all of this is to create and market you own product, or market affiliate products. The people that are selling you these high price work at home bogus jobs are marketing a product that is in demand, and if you noticed when you paid for this crap, they are the ones making money, not you. Affiliate marketing can make you the kind of money that got you interested in working from home to begin with. Working for yourself and managing your own business online is the way to riches and independence. You want a good game plan to follow, pick all these scam work from home sites and follow what they are marketing. By learning what they are doing, you will learn affiliate marketing.

No not all work from home programs are bogus. You can make a little money doing surveys or maybe writing articles. With surveys, you can actually make a lot of money, but it is through recruiting affiliates, not actually doing the surveys. There are also a lot of work from home programs that are worth their weight in gold, but 99.9% of them are teaching you about affiliate marketing. So if you are completely new to affiliate marketing then it might be worth while to team up with one of these programs and learn from some pros and have other members to share with.

The main point is using your head. Every work at home program always will sound like it will make you rich. This is marketing and you should understand that this is how they and you will make money. The difference is that most of them are selling junk that will kill their reputation and sure they will make money for a while, but it will eventually catch up with them. Heck most sites are just promoting the newest work from home programs that their affiliate networks are giving them, and it is the people creating these bogus junk programs that are causing the damage. Just realize that unless it is dealing with affiliate marketing, then you probably won’t make money and most of the time it is a scam. It is hard to tell sometimes because they won’t share a lot of information about the program until you buy it, but once you spend that money you will know whether it is worth spending time with or moving on. Don’t get mad about wasting money, just consider it a business education expense and remember the marketing that sold you. This way you will at least get your moneys worth in a marketing lesson.

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