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Work at Home as a Direct Seller

Working at home as a direct seller can be very rewarding and fun, it’s relatively easy to setup and can be extremely cost effective.

Whether they are your own or a company’s products, selling items online is one of the hottest growing trends in the retail industry. Drop shipping allows you to purchase products at wholesale prices and then to sell them directly through your website or blog. Or, you can sell your own products. You can see this everyday online through a variety of blogs and sites, eBay stores are particularly popular; also there are many sites that specialise in e-commerce to allow you to setup your own store. For example BigCrumbs have a thriving eBay community where you can share and promote your store through their network.

There are a multitude of promotional methods that you can use and they don’t all have to be online. You can canvass your own local area with great offers, and people are more likely to buy from a trusted local source. As an added service you could consult and advise about starting online businesses, you’d be surprised at how many people are looking for hands on advisory service like this.

This work at home business requires a good deal of time spent on marketing, still it’s worth all the effort, If you have a sales background, then this could work well for you.

How It Works

The amount of sales you receive will largely depend on the amount of promotion you do. Marketing can be done through word of mouth, search engine ranking, press releases and promotional items. You can run sales and discounts, handle large quantities, and do much more right from the comfort of your home.

You do not need to store all of these products in your home. Many companies will allow you to sell their product but they will handle the shipping of the orders to the customer.

One of the best ways to do well in this industry is to work as a direct seller of something that you are passionate about.

If you are passionate about “green” products or environmentally friendly products, then you could market in this type of business. When you select something that you love, you are more knowable about the product and you are more likely to do well when you sell it. People will know they are working with an expert.

Potential Income

Income depends on your ability to promote your products and the customers you build.

Businesses can make thousands of dollars/pounds or Euros when selling products online, depending on the amount of work invested. There is no limit because with drop shipping your outlay investment is only for the website and its development, as opposed to selling your own products where you have all the headaches of storage, insurance and handling costs.

What’s popular?

Just about every category of goods sold in a typical supermarket or department store is now available via the Direct Sales market. Personal products particularly benefit from the ‘try and test’ feature of Direct Selling. The same is true of books and novel household items that may not be readily available in retail stores.

Snapshot of Products to sell

• Services - Telecoms, Gas & Electricity Supplies.
• Personal - Cosmetics, Fragrances, Skincare, Jewellery, Clothes.
• Food & Wellness - Foods, Supplements, Diet Plans, Fitness, Aromatherapy.
• Household - Kitchenware, Housewares, Furnishings, Electrical, Cleaning, Security.
• Family - Books, Toys, Games, Audio Visual, Financial

General Key points to remember

• Select a business with a product range that appeals to you and which you consider to be fairly priced. If you like the product, then you will find it easier to pass that enthusiasm on to others. It’s a more important consideration than any earnings claim.

• Beware of exaggerated earnings claims. With a sound business, high earnings are possible, but they require time, hard work and dedication. They are always based on actual direct sales of products to consumers.

• Good Earning Opportunities in Direct Selling require only modest investments. Beware of invitations to take a short cut to a higher appointment by investing large amounts in stock.

• Always ensure that you receive a proper written contract and that you understand it. If the opportunity includes the right to recruit others, then check that it complies with the Law.

Direct selling opportunities are made to appeal to men, women and couples across every social demographic.

A Direct Selling business is entirely flexible; there are no shackles or commitments. It can be just a few hours a week or, for some, a full time occupation.

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