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Work At Home Personal Trainer

For those of you who are fitness minded, this could be a great home based businesses for you to become a personal trainer. As a personal trainer you will work with individuals or small groups of people who want to get in shape. The demand for qualified personal trainers is high; nevertheless, becoming a personal trainer can be demanding not just with the physical side but your own organisational skills.


An important consideration in becoming a personal trainer is education, unlike some other types of at home based jobs, to become a personal trainer; you do have to hold a license in the business, it’s not too difficult to obtain your license. Most community colleges and universities do offer courses to help you to get the education you need. Once you complete your education, you do need to sit for a state wide exam. The exams are different for each state, but generally cover standards such as the ability to give good advice and a solid understanding of the body. The National Federation of Professional Trainers provides more information on licensing and educational requirements.

Getting Started

Once you do have the necessary requirements to become a professional, personal trainer, your job will include a number of tasks.

Locate individuals in need of fitness help. You can find individuals through local community groups, recreation centres and gyms.

You will be work with clients on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the client’s goals and budget. A contract will need to be signed by both parties.

Provide and prepare fitness assessments for individuals. This can include a workout plan and occasionally a diet for the individual.

Work with the individual or groups in workouts, hands on training and monitoring are always provided by the personal trainer. They often “spot” the individual working out to ensure that proper posture is being used and that the individual is safe.

Track weigh and measure the client to determine success. Some individuals are looking to bulk up in muscle tone while others are hoping to lose weight.

Follow up and make changes to the training schedules to assure that goals can be achieved.

If you have the space and at least rudimentary equipment then it shouldn’t be too difficult to set up at home. Many personal trainers work out of their homes, especially if they have a decent workout space. It’s up to you how you want to set up either individuals or small groups for training.

If you are pushed for space at home you can always meet clients at their local gym or recreation centre to work out. This work at home business is challenging but incredibly enjoyable, but best of all you get to keep fit while helping others.

When it comes to decisions on a Coronado personal trainer, you’ll first need to understand exactly what a personal trainer is, make sure that they are trained properly, make sure they communicate effectively concerning your goals and needs, and be able to motivate you to succeed. - Siddique

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